Crucial RealSSD C300 SSD Firmware update mid-April / early May ETA

Looks like Crucial RealSSD C300 firmware fix for these issues that Anandtech outlined (slow SSD powerup due to errors in firmware tables & slow writes on last 60GB part of SSD), will be released in mid-April early May according to more recent update by Crucial. Straight from Crucial’s forums:

We wanted to provide an update to some of the commentary we’ve seen in the blogging and reviewer community about the RealSSD C300.

First off, it is important to note that one of the reasons we value the feedback from the reviewer community is because they push the drives to the very limit. While these might be corner-case scenarios that the majority of customers will never see (which some of the reviewers have mentioned), it gives us an opportunity to make the drive even better.

We are continuously working on ways to improve the functionality of our SSDs, and are in the process of finalizing a new version of firmware that addresses the feedback we have received. The firmware is currently going through the final testing phase in our lab. After it has been fully qualified, we plan to make this new firmware available by integrating it into our production line as well as publishing the code to the download page. This new version of firmware is planned to be released in the mid-April timeframe. We’ll keep you posted as to when it will be available.

Guru, Crucial Moderator US

Updated ETA to early May:

Although the validation and testing phase of the Crucial RealSSD C300 firmware update has taken longer than we initially expected, we are satisfied with the test results we’ve experienced to date. However, we still have a few more steps to complete in the process before we can share the updated firmware with our customers. We appreciate your continued patience – our plan is make the update available the first week of May, or earlier if possible.

Katana, Crucial Moderator, US

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