OCZ Colossus LT SATAII 3.5″ 34nm SSD quietly launched

According to OCZ Gobal Marketing Manager, Jessica Luken’s twitter update, OCZ has quietly launched the 34nm based version of their OCZ Colossus LT SATA 3.5″ solid state drive.

3.5″ Solid State Drive / SATA II / MLC / 128MB Cache / Internal RAID 0 / Dual Controller Design / Enthusiast Class

The Colossus LT 3.5” Solid State Drive Series is designed to meet the performance ideals of consumer desktop and enthusiast clients with cost-effective MLC NAND flash. The Colossus LT Series is the latest solution for prosumers and enthusiasts looking to take advantage of the benefits of SSD technology and maximize their storage arrays.

Colossus LT SSDs deliver exceptional performance for high-end desktops and are the result of OCZ’s latest breakthroughs in flash based storage. Designed to offer PC enthusiasts a best-in-class storage upgrade from traditional hard disc drives, the innovative Colossus LT Series features incredible speed and ample storage for the complete gamut of gaming, multimedia and demanding productivity applications. The Colossus delivers all the proven benefits of SSDs such as superior system responsiveness, ultra-fast data access, and greater durability, while providing the storage capacity desktop users demand.

Available in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB (1024GB) configurations, the Colossus provides ample room for the complete spectrum of desktop applications. In addition, this series has an excellent 1 million hour mean time between failure (MTBF) and comes backed by a leading 3-year warranty and dedicated technical support, ensuring peace of mind over the long term.

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