i4memory.com ver 3.0 roll out

Finally after 12+ months of off and on work and planning, I’ve implemented version 3.0 of i4memory.com’s new front site and forum design. The new front site design will allow me to publish more articles and reviews in a proper format. One of the first reviews to go up will be for Intel Core i7 980X that I have been testing, so keep an eye out for that very soon

The new front site design comes on the heels of the new forum upgrade and design I announced earlier here. Was just waiting for the new logo/banner ad graphics to be completed for rolling out the new front site design. This time round I hired a professional to do a proper i4memory.com logo and banner ad graphics (long overdue I know) while I worked on the rest for the forums and front site. The new logo has made it’s way onto i4memory.com’s twitter background as well – yes we have a twitter page http://www.twitter.com/i4memorycom/ so will be updated when new site, review and forum news occurs.

I’ll also be working on a mobile skin style for site and forums, so folks on the go can access i4memory.com from their mobile phones.

Just to share some of the new banner ad designs, you can use these images on your own web sites to link back to i4memory.com if you want.

I’m very happy with the outcome so far as one my key criterias is fast page loading speed and I think I accomplished that. There maybe a few more tweaks here and there over the next few weeks so I welcome any feedback and comments in this forum thread

George / eva2000

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