Mushkin Elpida Hyper purchasing suspended

Mushkin has announced on their support forums, that they’ll be suspending purchases of Elpida Hyper ICs until a resolution to their failure rates are found.

Due to the issues that have been experienced with Elpida Hyper modules in general, we at Mushkin Enhanced would like to address our customers and the community about Mushkin Enhanced products using the Elpida Hyper DRAM. The RMA rates of Mushkin Enhanced’s Elpida Hyper-based modules have been at low levels; similar to our other product offerings. We have been building these particular modules with a tight range of date codes which seem to not be affected by this issue. We are suspending our purchasing of the Elpida Hyper DRAM for new builds until a solution is found. If any of our customers have questions or issues with their products, we encourage them to contact us through our forums or support department.

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