8GB Patriot Xporter 180x USB flash drive Reviewed

Recently, I bought a pair of 8GB Patriot Xporter USB flash drives rated for 180x read speeds. Plan to eventually use them to try out installing WinXP/Vista from USB flash drives. Let’s see how the 8GB Patriot Xporter compares to the older 2GB Corsair Voyager flash drives.


  • Hi Speed USB 2.0 Compatible (backwards compatible to USB 1.1)
  • Easy plug and play functionality
  • Durable shock resistant housing
  • Speeds up to 180x
  • Driverless in Windows ME/2K/XP/Vista, Mac OS 9.x, OS X, and Linux with USB storage support
  • Certified for Microsoft Vista Readyboost
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • E8600 Q820A599 0464
  • CPU Cooling: Dtek Fuzion Rad Tower Box
  • DFI LP DK X48-T2RBS Plus – 9/23 beta bios
  • 128MB Gainward FX5200 PCI
  • 2x1GB Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 16FD5
  • Memory cooling: 120x25mm Thermaltake 81cfm fan
  • 1TB Samsung HD103UJ SATAII OS Drive
  • Pioneer 215 DVD-RW
  • 1200W Silverstone OP1200
  • Windows XP Pro SP3 nLite fully hotfix updated

Benchmark results:
Emptied a spare 2GB Corsair Voyager usb flash drive I had which is a model prior to Corsair switching from SLC to MLC.

Corsair Voyager vs Patriot Xporter Properties

ATTO Bench

2GB Corsair Voyager = 30.13MB/s reads and 12.17MB/s writes
8GB Patriot Xporter = 31.85MB/s reads and 22.12MB/s writes


2GB Corsair Voyager = 29.9MB/s reads, Random access = 0.7ms, CPU Utilization = 4%
8GB Patriot Xporter = 32.8MB/s reads, Random access = 0.8ms, CPU Utilization = 6%

HDtune Pro Trial


2GB Corsair Voyager = 29.3MB/s average reads
8GB Patriot Xporter = 31.2MB/s average reads

File Benchmark


Looks like a pretty decent improvement for write speeds for usb flash drives in 8GB capacities considering the price. I bought 2GB Corsair Voyager back in December 2007 for AUD$27.50. Now the 8GB Patriot Xporter cost me AUD$35.

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