HIS HD4870x2 Overclocking + Rivatuner 2.11

Want to overclock a HIS HD4870x2 without using Catalyst Control Center (CCC) ?  Here I’ve outlined how to use Rivatuner 2.11 to overclock the HD4870x2.

Prior to Rivatuner 2.11, overclocking a HD4870x2 required using Catalyst Control Center (CCC) to properly clock both GPU cores and for you to clock past it’s reference ATI bios preset CCC GPU/MEM limit of 800/1000 would of needed to use modded bios or obtaining the Asus HD4870x2 TOP bios which had a higher CCC GPU/Mem limit 900/1000.

But Rivatuner 2.11 has a new pair of power user features which allow to overclock both GPU cores within Rivatuner 2.11. These 2 power user features are EnableClockControlCloning and EnableFanControlCloning which you can find and enable via the Power User tab. Full details can be found here.

Rivatuner 2.11 EnableClockControlCloning

Rivatuner 2.11 EnableClockControlCloning

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