Nehalem Overclocking Calculator – NehalemCalc member, Seth Kwitko has released a downloadable Nehalem overclocking calculator for Core i7 platform. This nehalem overclocking tool, will allow you to calculate the final Core i7 cpu speed, and qpi, uncore and memory speeds based on multipliers and base clock (Bclock) you set.

This tool slightly differs from Gogar’s Core i7 overclocking tool which shows you all combinations and possibilities for bus/multipliers based on the final target cpu, qpi, uncore and memory speed you want.

Highly recommended you add both Gogar’s and Seth’s Core i7/nehalem overclocking calculator tools to your toolbox.

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With the adoption of QuickPath Interconnect, the traditional model of the frontside bus has been abandoned in favor of the BClock. Where the FSB frequency once help set the speed for the CPU and the memory, the new BClock helps set the CPU, DRAM, L3 cache, memory controller, and system bus frequencies.


Now that the FSB is out the door, the Nehalem platform is rigged with a high-speed bi-directional system bus. This QPI bus runs on an independent frequency and uses its own set of multipliers. Altering this frequency can substantially impact the speed at which add-in cards and peripherals transfer data on a Nehalem platform.


Yet another new and independent frequency with its own set of multipliers. The uncore frequency sets the speed of both the Nehalem’s on-die memory controller and the L3 cache

Memory Multiplier

Memory has definitely changed with the release of the Nehalem. Rather than using memory dividers to set the clockspeed of the DRAM, the DRAM’s speed is now derived from the BClock with a multiplier. This multiplier must be less than half that of the Uncore’s multiplier.


Doing away with paltry multipliers like 6x, the Core i7 uses multipliers of up to 25x in multiplying the BClock to generate the CPU’s frequency.

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