Anandtech Lab Notes – EVGA X58 SLI

Gary updates his blog with final retail version eVGA X58 SLI motherboard test data and information. eVGA seems to be actively releasing bios updates to fix teething issues with their X58 motherboard.

Some of the issues that Gary came across which will be fixed in subsequent bios updates include:

  • The current BIOS release does not support overclocking profiles
  • ICH10R – AHCI/RAID operation issue – After switching from IDE mode to AHCI/RAID on the ICH10R, if the user tries to install a drive on ports four or five, then hard drives on ports zero through three will not be recognized.  This also holds true if you attach a hard drive to the JMicron SATA/eSATA ports on the board or install a RAID card on of the available PCIe slots.  This problem will be addressed very shortly. Bios update FIXED
  • User will need to disable EIST (speedstep) and CxE for the system to overclock properly. EVGA recommends the Load Optimal settings routine after the first POST and then again if the board does not recover properly from an errant BIOS setting as it could remain in safe mode. Several power management items will be turned off as a result of this action, but CxE is left at Auto with the BIOS setting enabled instead of disabled in this situation. Bios update FIXED
  • CL5 and TRAS 15 is not available for users who want to push timings at 1066/1333. Bios update FIXED

eVGA X58 SLI motherboard

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