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  • [] AMD Ryzen ? What We Learned At CES 2017

    In the days leading up to CES2017 we found ourselves most excited to see what AMD would be showing off with Ryzen CPU series. The anticipation for the new processor series for AMD is growing every day thanks to the marketing machine over at AMD continually showing it performing better than an Intel…
  • [] EVGA announce their new B3 line of affordable PSUs

    EVGA has announced their new B3 line of affordable PSU, offering 80+ Bronze efficiency and range from prices of $40-85 for 450W-850W models.

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  • [] Cooler Master Hyper 212 LED Review

    Image: ( budget-friendly Hyper 212 LED cooler pairs a popular design with a red LED fan…
  • [] AMD's Ryzen CPUs will launch at or before GDC 2017

    AMD’s Ryzen CPUs will launch at or before GDC 2017, which starts on February 27th. At GDC AMD plans on delivering an “Optimizing for AMD Ryzen CPU” session to help engineers develop for the new architecture.


  • [] GIGABYTE Exhibits an Aquantia AQC107 based 10G Ethernet PCIe Card

    Image: 09.52.19_575px.jpg (

    During December, Aquantia announced that it will be launching two multi-gigabit NICs into the market, offering…

  • [] SK Hynix Announces 8 GB LPDDR4X-4266 DRAM Packages

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    SK Hynix on Monday officially announced the industry’s first 8 GB LPDDR4X (LP4X) packages for next-generation mobile…

  • [] AMD Set to Launch Ryzen Before March 3rd, Meeting Q1 Target

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    Thanks to some sleuthing from various readers, AMD has accidentally let the cat out of the bag with regards to the official Ryzen launch…

  • [] MSI offers cashback to those who review their Z270 series motherboards

    MSI are now offering up to £30 cashback to those who review their latest Z270 series motherboards.

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  • [] Intel Skylake and Kaby Lake systems are vulnerable to a USB debugging exploit

    Researchers claim that Intel’s Skylake and Kaby Lake U-Series processors are vulnerable to a USB debugging bypass which could be used to attack systems.

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  • [] Intel Compute Card: A Universal Compute Form-Factor for Different Kinds of Devices

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    At CES 2017, Intel introduced a new form-factor for computing platforms in order to enable easy development,…

  • [] Corsairâ??s Bulldog 2.0 Gets Kaby Lake-Compatible Z270 Motherboard, New Cooler

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    Corsair introduced its new Bulldog 2.0 small form-factor HTPC console-like barebones kit at CES. The new Bulldog 2.0 received a new motherboard…

  • [] AMD Ryzen Processor Launching At GDC Next Month?

    It appears that AMD has accidentally posted up the official Ryzen CPU launch date. AMD will be holding a session at annual Game Developer Conference (GDC) in San Francisco and they will be holding a session about ‘Optimizing for AMD Ryzen CPU’ on a TBD date during the show for the…
  • [] The Best Of CES 2017

    Image: ( annual Consumer Electronics Show – CES – is typically chock full of bleeding-edge technology. Numerous companies take advantage of CES as the backdrop…
  • [] Mionix Naos QG Review

    Image: ( on Kickstarter and sporting a heart rate sensor, is the Naos QG ‘smart’ or pointless?


  • [] Dell Announces UP3218K: Its First 8K Display, Due in March

    Image: (

    Dell introduced the industry’s first mass-market 8K display aimed at professional designers, engineers,…

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