HWBOT v5.3.0 Released: Data Mining API & HWBOT v5.4.0 preparations

Folks at HWBOT have announced the release of HWBOT v5.3.0 with a new Data Mining API.

Release Notes – HWBOT – Version hwbot v5.3.0


  • [HWBOT-918] – CPU-Z validation link (affects CPU frequency, memory frequency and reference clock)
  • [HWBOT-919] – Heaven DX11 disappeared from the benchmark list
  • [HWBOT-920] – Points history graph not functional
  • [HWBOT-921] – PCMark05 Challenge shows leading result in time format
  • [HWBOT-924] – Unigine Heaven screenshot + verification not saved
  • [HWBOT-925] – Subtest scores not visible for API submissions
  • [HWBOT-929] – Grouping hidden/visible benchmarks does not always work correctly
  • [HWBOT-933] – Child (or renamed) benchmark applications have incorrect UHP URL formatting
  • [HWBOT-936] – Query API for competitions: startBefore and startAfter parameter cannot be used together


  • [HWBOT-889] – Parent/child relation for benchmark applications


  • [HWBOT-893] – HWBOT API: JSON/XML for submissions
  • [HWBOT-894] – HWBOT API: JSON/XML for members
  • [HWBOT-895] – HWBOT API: JSON/XML for benchmark applications
  • [HWBOT-896] – HWBOT API: JSON/XML for competitions
  • [HWBOT-935] – HWBOT API: JSON/XML for rankings

Release Notes – HWBOT – Version hwbot v5.4.0


  • [HWBOT-904] – Data API – enforce client version in url is identical to data file.
  • [HWBOT-928] – When grouping benchmarks, download/rules/website for specific applications are no longer shown
  • [HWBOT-938] – Submitting SuperPi score only shows 1 field for seconds instead of hour, min, sec field
  • [HWBOT-951] – Submit dropdown finetuning
  • [HWBOT-971] – Comments on frontpage not shown in forum thread


  • [HWBOT-945] – Upgrade Spring to 3.2
  • [HWBOT-956] – Load twitter feed in background so page load times don’t suffer if there’s no cached version
  • [HWBOT-961] – Add link to “You can request a one time nickname change in the forums.”


  • [HWBOT-886] – Benchmark application status: hidden, beta, etc
  • [HWBOT-887] – News posts, info page, mail, etc for DATA API
  • [HWBOT-937] – Add support for json callback to API
  • [HWBOT-943] – Spike: cups for beta benchmarks
  • [HWBOT-944] – Spike: who can add benchmarks ~ what to do when the benchmark creator is not the owner
  • [HWBOT-949] – Install logos in sidebar


  • [HWBOT-820] – Track history of (competition) teams
  • [HWBOT-940] – Pro OC teams: ability to easily join Pro OC and create/join Pro OC teams
  • [HWBOT-946] – Score from API based CatZilla benchmark can be adjusted on site
  • [HWBOT-947] – API-based benchmark submission should not have screenshot requirement
  • [HWBOT-948] – Add cooling to data API

Release Notes – HWBOT – Additional releases


  • [HWBOT-923] – Unigine Heaven: validation screenshot and checksum not shown on submission page
  • [HWBOT-970] – Unmatched hardware error message inconsistency
  • [HWBOT-973] – HCE: ProcessorCore limitation bug
  • [HWBOT-976] – Some screenshots still missing, maybe add error message?
  • [HWBOT-977] – When editing a Unigine submission, the screenshot is no longer shown.
  • [HWBOT-979] – Some images are loaded unnecessary from db instead of cdn
  • [HWBOT-980] – Competition points incorrect for GBT Classic Challenge II
  • [HWBOT-981] – Possible to edit score of a submission
  • [HWBOT-986] – Submitting with a datafile sometimes overrides changes made by user


  • [HWBOT-972] – HCE: Processor exclusion limitation
  • [HWBOT-982] – Fix the results that lost attached screenshots after editting
  • [HWBOT-985] – Add apple-touch-icon logo for ios devices

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