OCZ Core SSD Raid – Highpoint RocketRaid 3520LF PCI-E x8 controller

Iometer 64bit 2008.6.18
4K Random Write 100%

Using Highpoint RocketRaid 3520LF PCI-E raid controller with 256MB DDR2 cache definitely boosted the OCZ Core SSD’s performance in this test. Compared with onboard Gigabyte EP45 Extreme’s ICH10R controller with single 32GB OCZ Core SSD result and 2x 32GB OCZ Core SSD raid 0 result, there was respectively a 66x and 33x times improvement with Highpoint RocketRaid 3520LF!

Configuration used: 10GB iometer test file

16K Block size vs 64K Block size

128K Block size vs 256K Block size

128K Block size with NTFS 16K cluster

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