Online News October 31, 2011

  • [] Saturday Shortbread

    *_Eight is Enough_*
    1. X-bit labs: ARM unleashes ARMv8 ( 64-bit architecture
    2. VR-Zone reports AMD’s next-gen GPUs ( to…
  • [] The TR Podcast 99: New PC builds for a new Battlefield

    Image: ( Date: October 30, 2011
    Time: 1:15:41

    Hosted by Jordan Drake

    Co-Hosts: Scott Wasson, Cyril Kowaliski, and Geoff Gasior

  • [] Friday night topic: Is inequality still a winning motivator?

    I’ve been watching the Occupy Wall Street effort and its associated attempts in other U.S. cities with some fascination. The running joke is that the “Occupy” protesters don’t know what they want or don’t have a single, coherent message. That seems wrong to me, although it’s of course true that…
  • [] Deal of the week: Solid-state drives, memory, and games

    Now’s not a great time to buy a mechanical hard drive, due to the unfortunate flooding in Thailand. Prices for memory and solid-state drives are still as low as ever, though.

    For instance, Corsair’s 120GB Force Series GT solid-state drive is available for $204.99 before a $30 mail-in rebate…

  • [] Sunday Shortbread

    *_Eight is Enough_*
    1. AnandTech reports Bulldozer breaks frequency record again: overclocked to 8.46GHz (
    2. Forrester: ‘It’s time to repeal prohibition…
  • [] Are Improving Integrated Graphics Slowly Killing Off Discrete Graphics Cards?

    Intel started the trend of improving integrated graphics with their second generation LGA1155 socket Core i3, i5 & i7 line of processors. Depending on the model, these processors sport integrated HD2000 or HD3000 graphics right on the processor die, which nowadays give acceptable performance for…
  • [] Siri Gets Hacked: Running on iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G

    Image: (

    When iPhone 4S was announced earlier this month (, one of the mightiest features was…

  • [] ARM Going 64-Bit To Compete In High-End Desktop Market

    Judging by their latest press release (, ARM Ltd really is serious about competing with Intel and AMD in the high-end desktop and server computing market, where competition is fierce….
  • [] Bulldozer Breaks Frequency Record Again: Overclocked to 8.46GHz

    Image: (

    Just before the launch of Bulldozer, AMD demonstrated it at 8.43GHz,…

  • [] AMD OC Record Broken, Still Powered by AMD FX-8150

    In mid-September, earlier this year, a team of overclockers sponsored by AMD set a new Guinness Record ( for clock speed by a silicon processor, setting an AMD FX-8150 processor to run at a staggering 8429.38 MHz. If…
  • [] Windows 8 Secure Boot: Handy Malware Backdoor for Nosy Governments?

    We’ve written before ( how Microsoft’s new secure boot feature in Windows 8 could likely be used to shut out competition and create the ultimate in walled garden consumer lock-ins – something that is very…
  • [] AppliedMicro Announces 64-bit ARM Based X-Gene SoCs

    Image: (

    AppliedMicro has released specifications of their upcoming X-Gene SoC (Server-on-a-Chip this time, not System).

  • [] (PR) AMD Reports Third Quarter Results

    AMD today announced revenue for the third quarter of 2011 of $1.69 billion, net income of $97 million, or $0.13 per share, and operating income of $138 million. The company reported non-GAAP net income of $110 million, or $0.15 per share, and non-GAAP operating income of $146 million.


  • [] Battlefield 3 VGA and CPU performance benchmark test

    After waiting way too long before the game to be unlocked we wanted bring you guys one of our traditional graphics and processor performance articles. As such we’ll take a card or ten today and have a look at DX11 performance with the newest graphics cards. We’ll also show you the performance…
  • [] Zotac ZBOX Nano AD10 Plus U Mini SFF PC Review

    Image: ( is one of a select few companies that have fully embraced the ultra-small form factor and home theater PC markets. Although they’re also known for producing…

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