Online News October 22, 2010

  • [] Sapphire HD 6850

    Sapphier HD 6850 is the latest mainstream graphics card with AMD competing against Nvidia GTX 460. With good performance at 1920×1080, low power consumption, and low heat-ouput, it may just be the card to beat…

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  • [] ATI Radeon HD 6870 Review

    What’s in a name? We see if ATI’s new mid-range graphics card can dominate the market.Image:

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  • [] HIS Radeon 6850 & 6870 Review

    Today we finally get our hands on the next generation of ATI Radeon graphics cards. Or do we?

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  • [] AMDâ??s Radeon 6870 & 6850: Renewing Competition in the Mid-Range Market

    All things considered, the Radeon HD 5000 series has gone very well for AMD. When they launched it just over a year ago, they beat NVIDIA to the punch by nearly 6 months and enjoyed a solid term as the kings of the GPU world, with halo parts like the 5870 and 5970 giving them renewed exposure at…
  • [] ASUS HD6870 Crossfire EXCLUSIVE Review

    With the pricing and the performance of the HD6870 as it is, we just had to take a look at Crossfire performance.

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  • [] AMD HD6850 and HD6870

    It is time to unveil AMD’s latest GPU’s: the HD6850 and HD6870. These are mid-range GPU’s aimed to go head-to-head with the GTX460. Will they succeed? Read our reviews to find out.

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  • [] ATI Radeon HD 6850 Review

    What’s in a name? We see if ATI’s latest graphics card is its best ever.Image:

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  • [] HIS Radeon HD6870

    The HIS Radeon HD6870 is a no-frills HD6870 from HIS which peforms very well against the GTX460.

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  • [] Radeon HD 6850 & 6870 CrossfireX review

    We review the Radeon HD 6850 and 6870 in CrossfireX mode. Will performance double up Will modern games be properly supported And how much power do these multi-gpu setups really consume We’ll find out all of it in todays test.


  • [] AMD Radeon HD 6870 & 6850 Graphics Cards Debut

    Notice anything different in that Radeon graphics logo kicking back off to the left here? If not, you weren’t paying attention, so forty lashes for you with a bump-mapped, specular lit, highly tesselated wet noodle. Though AMD may have finally decided to do away with their ATI branding so many…
  • [] Radeon HD 6850 & 6870 review

    We review the Radeon HD 6850 and 6870. These two product are segmented in the upper range of the mid-range area and in fact will be positioned directly against the competition’s GeForce GTX 460 series. The new mid-range series 6800 promise to deliver a very decent chunk of gaming performance a set…
  • [] Zalman VF3000A VGA Cooler

    Video card operating temperatures continue to be some of the hottest of any component in the computer. It’s not uncommon for core GPU temps to reach 70C, 80C sometimes even 90C under load, well beyond what’s considered safe for most desktop CPU processors. Unfortunately in many instances the…
  • [] AMD Radeon HD 6850 and 6870 CrossFire Video Card Review

    Image: ( AMD released their second generation DirectX 11 video card with the Radeon HD 6800 series. The Radeon HD 6800 series consists of the Radeon HD 6850 and Radeon HD 6870 video cards and…
  • [] (PR) Gigabyte Announces GeForce GTX 460 Super Overclock Graphics Card

    GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, introduces a powerful new addition to its Super Overclock Series: GTX 460 SOC (GV-N460SO-1GI). To qualify for Super Overclock Series, a GPU must go through GIGABYTE’s innovative GPU Gauntlet Sorting process and it must be equipped…
  • [] (PR) MSI Releases the Record-Breaking N480GTX Lightning Graphics Card to Market

    The Lightning graphics card series from the world-leading graphics card and mainboard manufacturer, MSI, has been receiving unanimous recognition from power users and major media worldwide. The new member of the series, N480GTX Lightning, is tailored for extreme overclocking. By the world’s first…

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