Ramlist moves to i4memory.com

It’s with great pleasure to announce that Ronald Goedbloed’s (r00n) famous Ramlist – memory IC listing has moved and will be hosted by i4memory.com at http://ramlist.i4memory.com/.

The collaboration between Ronald’s Ramlist and i4memory.com will allow more a more efficient way for the Ramlist to accept user submissions for new memory ICs that we memory enthusiasts come across

You will now be able to submit memory ICs and photos you find to ramlist.i4memory.com forums at http://i4memory.com/f94/. A few useful thread urls to bookmark:

The existing ramlist.ath.cx and ramlist.infinityx.nl will become backup mirror sites but http://ramlist.i4memory.com/ will become the permanent main home for the Ramlist.

Ronald will maintain full control over http://ramlist.i4memory.com/ while I’ll handle the admin behind the scenes end for the forums.

So please give a warm welcome to Ronald (r00n) and his Ramlist to i4memory.com here.

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