Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championships – GOOC 2010 Australian Finals Results

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Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championships 2010 – GOOC 2010 Australian region finals results are in.  The live event was held in Sydney on 15th May 2010 at Kingpin Bowling in Darling Harbour. 

Below are the results from both the Air and Extreme cooling contests.  Due to work committments, James (youngpro) is unable to attend the regional finals.  Peter (bob(nz)) and Jono (uncle fester) are the lucky folks and winners who have an all expense paid trip to Jakarta, Indonesia to represent Australia in the GOOC 2010 regional finals.  More details from the event in the forums.

The Air cooling contest results:

  1. SniperOZ
  2. Snappy1
  3. Ando420

The Extreme cooling contest results:


  1. youngpro (James); 4 points (3.322s)
  2. booj (Chris); 3 points (3.571s)
  3. Uncle Fester (Jon); 2 points (4.578s)
  4. bob(nz) (Peter); 1 points (4.721s)


  1. bob(nz) (Peter); 4 points (6m 38.015s)
  2. Uncle Fester (Jon); 3 points (6m 41.719s)
  3. youngpro (James); 2 points (6m 43.730s)
  4. booj (Chris); 1 points (7m 21.844s)


(tied scores will be resolved with faster 32M SuperPi score getting a higher placing as per rules):

  1. youngpro (James); 6 points

  2. bob(nz) (Peter); 5 points (faster 32M SuperPi score)

  3. Uncle Fester (Jon); 5 points

  4. booj (Chris); 4 points

Event Photos

Dino from Gigabyte Australia, provided some photos from the GOOC 2010 Australia region event on the forums and below:

Crowds gathered around the air cooling section…BenQ looking pretty sweet

Corsair 32GB Survivor was one of many prizes given away during the night

Dino announcing snappy1 winning the air contest

Team Immunity professional gamers showed up to have a crack at our gaming machines….man these guys can p

CoolerMaster heatsink capable of 32M SuperPi witha 670 i5 running at 5.05GHz NIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE

Corsair sticks….aren’t they just stunning heh

Kamil from Intel checking out what youngpro is up to….he’s thinking this guy is onto something lol and James has that “dude where’s my car” look

Kamil from Intel closes his eyes thinking what is this guy doing putting 2volts through his CPU

Michael Leins from Altech giving Dino a hand to setup gaming machines

SniperOZ doing his thing ….

Great pair of boards

GOOC 2010 Australia YouTube Video

Folks can check out the forum thread for more details from the event here.

  1. SniperOZ

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