Crucial RealSSD C300 SSD G0002 firmware update

Crucial posted on their support forums an update regarding their Crucial RealSSD C300 G0002 firmware update bricking some folks SSDs due to motherboard and firmware update tool compatibility issues.  Crucial pulled the G0002 firmware update from their site and will have a new update tool sometime next week for RealSSD C300 users.

On Wednesday, May 5th we pulled the firmware v0002 update from our support site. We did this to allow our product engineering team time to evaluate reported issues. We have identified compatibility issues between the update tool and certain motherboards. There are no known issues with the firmware itself. Our engineering team created a new update tool which we believe eliminates the compatibility issues. We are in the process of testing the new tool, and anticipate having a solution next week. Although the majority of customers have seen no issues with the original update tool we wanted to protect those customers that might. Customers who have experienced an issue are encouraged to contact the Crucial support team for immediate resolution.

Guru, Crucial Moderator US

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