Welcome to i4memory.com

i4memory.com’s front page is back!  Long time members would of remembered a time when i4memory.com had an alternate front page listing worth while threads posted on the forums but it was removed after the vBulletin forum software upgrades broke that front page.  Ever since, I’ve been working on fixing the problem and finally the new front page is here! 🙂

Update: for IE6 browser users you may experience the right hand sidebar being pushed to bottom of the page – still have yet to be able to fix the problem as it renders fine in IE7/FF2/FF3.

Update 2: No idea why though, ever since i added the hwbot team rank’s total pt score in as well – it now works.  So about 90% fixed, just need a bit more tweaking to get the blue header image to align properly in IE6.

Note, the front page comment system won’t be enabled as I’d rather use the vBulletin forum system for that.

You’ll notice the forums themselves also got a quick hack job style/colour scheme change in attempts to match the new front page style.

I’ll be tweaking the forum style and colour schemes as well as eventually a new i4memory.com appropriate logo, so please provide any feedback and suggestions or even contribute ideas or suggestions for a new i4memory.com logo here.

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