i4memory.com was created by George Liu (eva2000) from his insane addiction to all things memory and pc related.  The desire to continuously tweak, overclock and analyse how memory behaves on various motherboard platforms and to share these findings with others, led the birth of i4memory.com on July 22, 2004. If George isn’t tweaking and overclocking memory, then he’s tweaking and tuning vBulletin forum servers at/for work.


  • i4memory.com – Site that started it all. Came online on July 22, 2004. Front news section came online in Oct, 2008. Version 3.0 design rolled out on March 28, 2010.  Majority of past content exists on the forums.
  • teamau.net – Team Australia formed on October 20, 2007 originally hosted on teamau.i4memory.com
  • ramlist.i4memory.com – Ronald Goedbloed’s ramlist new home as at August, 2008
  • martinsliquidlab.i4memory.com – mirror site for martinsliquidlab.com as at November 2, 2008



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