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E8400, GA-EP35-DS3, P5K-PRO & DICE - - different look at memory


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E8400, GA-EP35-DS3, P5K-PRO & DICE

Hey there all. Iíve been busy flogging an E8400 under DICE on a GA-EP35-DS3 & an ASUS P5K-PRO & thought a few of you may enjoy the results. Apart from the Oíclock results I thought Iíd post some picís of the motherboard bundles & a few comparisons of bios options & general overclockability.
I must stress, stability at the peak overclock on each moboí wasnít a concern, as long as I could run SuperPi 1M & register a CPU-Z Validation for then thatís all I wanted.

HARDWARE: E8400, Stepping: CO, Batch: Q807A191
OCZ 1066 5-5-5-15 2.2v
FX5200 PCI
Lots of DICE

1st the picís & screenies then a few comments about each board at the bottom:
Gigabyte GA- EP35-DS3



The mobo' bundle notably includes a rear E-Sata bracket with support for 2 drives, otherwise fairly ordinary.
For overclocking the bios is pretty user friendly & not too daunting, most options are fairly self explanatory. The incremental adjustments for Vcore are good to 1.600v but then the next option is 1.800v then 2.000v.
The mobo woudn't post if set to 2.000v but was happy at 1.8.
Easytune then did some weird ****; I tried to increase Vcore to 2.0v in windows it actually went to 2.180v
So of course I ran with it but unfortunately with no further gains other than the CPU temp getting as high as -49deg. lol.

So, moving right along,





Now the P5K-PRO offers an absolute plethora of overclocking options but unfortunately didn't clock as high as the DS3 & I spent hours trying all the bios options on offer (did I mention hours).
The P5k maxed out at 579FSB (even with a lower multi) while the DS3 managed 596 with this CPU.
Also there appeared to be a problem with the CPU temp sensor, throughout all tests it read +14deg regardless of what software I used, in fact it also read as 14deg in BIOS. Under water cooling it registered temps ok; obviously doesn't appreciate sub-zero temps.

All up, the DS3 was easier to overclock & produced higher FSB's (the P5K Vcore max was 1.7v vs a usable 1.8v on the DS3) but in defence of the ASUS mobo it achieved a 9.00s SPi 1M @ FSB579 vs 9.09s @ FSB596 on the DS3 (with identical RAM timings except of course the RAM running slightly faster on the DS3: 1158MHz vs 1192MHz).
I guess that suggests faster BUS on the ASUS? Some-one help me here

I now have a GA-EP35-DS3P to play with & I know the Vcore adjustments on this board are far better than the DS3, so, here I go again...

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Re: E8400, GA-EP35-DS3, P5K-PRO & DICE

Congrats Ruffy !

Very nice mhz to vcore ratio there - ~5ghz at <1.5v

Shame about FSB limits, same limitations holding me back so haven't bothered much with sub zero until I find the right board for higher FSB
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Re: E8400, GA-EP35-DS3, P5K-PRO & DICE

very nice, the GIG P35 mobo was a good board
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Re: E8400, GA-EP35-DS3, P5K-PRO & DICE

Thanks guys.
I should have some results on the DS3P by the end of the week, I'm not really expecting any vast improvements. 600FSB would be nice & an SPi 1M
From your experience do you think I've maxed out the CPU, the P35 chipset or both?

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dice, e8400, gaep35ds3, p5kpro

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