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New Geil Ultra-X cas1.5 memory ? - Page 2 - - different look at memory


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Well, CAS 1.5 works for me, but CAS 1 doesnt boot, so I think that it must work, but I get the same scores as CAS2. So it think the cpu sets cas2 internally when set to 1.5.
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I've been doing some extensive testing at 1.5-2-2-0... it's BLISTERING FAST... results will be put in my GH review thread, tomorrow... i'm gonna sleep now, and burn in this ram.
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Accordingly to some, maybe most sites and there's an abundant amount of info about this, claims that CAS/CL 1.5 has no significant performance increase over any other CAS/CL 2 modules for the matter. - Source #1 - Source #2

Both tested were the geiL One range as well as the geiL Ultra-X range
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Hey guys,

Nice site Eva

I just bought some of this 1GB Geil Ultra X PC3200 from Pluscorp and I must say I'm impressed. I can run 2-2-2-5 @ 200FSB with default volts stable!, my other pair of OCZ value VX just will not do 2-2-2-5 even at 3.0v.

I was a little dissappointed to find out that these modules were in fact BH5 and not TCCD (like those reviewed online). My mobo is an Asus A8N Sli Deluxe which only has a max ddr voltage of 3.0v so as far as pushing this memory to its full potential would require > 3.0v That is why I was hoping for TCCD which performs well with less volts...

Even though it says max volts = 2.9v on the label, I've been told by people this ram can do 3.5v no problems? I just don't want to kill it and void my warranty. According to the guys on xtremesystems the Geil ultra-x 3200 BH5 sticks are getting nice o/clocks with > 3.0v!

At the moment the highest stable mem overclock i've achieved is 225FSB @ 2-2-2-5 using 2.9v (1:1) with A64 3500+ (Venice). I'm sure it can do better with more volts!?!

If anyone else has this ram please post your experiences!

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the UltraX from pluscorp are different to the cas 1.5 stuff but i believe both are UTT BH-5

the Geil PC3200 Ultra-X stuff you have is this stuff at mine easily do 240mhz 2-2-2-5 at 3.16v

here's a preview for ya

yeah UTT BH-5 handles 3.1-3.5v with active cooling

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