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Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video - - different look at memory


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Cool Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

Surprised no one posted about this video on Atomic web site at

Looks like next year's competition may have girls in bikinis too

Congrats dinos for the win
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Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

yeah dino did really well, really handled the conditions well on the night, congrats to him!

we had alot of fun, kayl spend more time drinking than benching, josh had alot of atomicans talking to him the whole time, and me and dino were up one end trying to bench hard but bad temperatures were affecting us both, josh too!

went out afterwards, had a nice meal and partied with colin from gigabyte until the early hours of the morning, alot of fun!
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Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

Looks like all had a fun day, good job fellahs!
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Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

Heheh, the fact this wasn't posted until now proves the hectic state the office is in hahaha

It was a fantastic evening and I had an absolute ball. Holding true to the 4 drinks by first round and 7 by second, let alone all the others - it meant for a lovely relaxing bench session

My Corona on dice meant I always had a refreshingly cold drink to enjoy throughout the benching

A massive shout out to Lili from Gigabyte and Ben from Atomic for making it happen - they were instrumental in making sure all the hardware got to where it needed to be prior to the event.

Props to Colin also for being able to drink his beers like an aussie and not like most yanks (any US peeps reading, sorry but it's a truth )

Last but not least, a massive publicly paraded congrats to Dino - you did the hard yards and got the goods mate, well done! Also congrats to Kayl and James for making it to the final event.

Great night, lets hope there's more like it in the future.
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Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

are these events open to the public? I have a sub to atomic too...easier to read on the train than the web
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Thumbs up Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

kool video guys
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Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

gaidin, yes this event was open to the public, but if you didnt submit your fastest SuperPI 1M score in the first round (open to all), you couldnt make it into the second or third (final) rounds.
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Re: Atomic Gigabyte Overclocking Masters 2007 Video

posted this on XS the other day

By dinos22 View Post
oh btw
the comp i was testing this equipment for was held on last friday night

here is some more on the event itself

Gigabyte Overclocking Masters Sydney 2007
organised by Gigabyte and Atomic Magazine

put together by Atomic's own David Field
Love the soundtrack Dave
didn't want to use a direct link from Atomic in case they didn't want too much bandwidth being used

quali round was just about submitting the best 1M SuperPi score (ssssoooo lucky we don't live in US so we can get away with 9.7/9.8/9.9 scores hahahahah)

second stage was supposed to be a home overclock with equipment received but due to a logistics problem some competitors didn't receive the gear and Gigabyte kindly decided to fly all competitors into Sydney for the 4-way battle (3 first stage finalists plus Josh (tech writer for Atomic Magazine :up: )

kayl (who most of you here know )
youngpro (killer Aussie talent and a top 10 HWBOT wordwide bencher rubbing shoulders with the likes of macci, stoolman, Maxi, joe_cool and rest of great Ocers)
dinos22 (<me LOL)
& Moloko (Josh > tech writer for Atomic Magazine in Australia >> prior to that a guy will the most comprehensive threads i've ever read :up: >> too busy now heheh)

Gigabyte X38-DQ6
2GB Kit of PC10000 Corsair DDR2 Goodness
Intel E6850 L724A105 CPU
Gigabyte 320MB 8800GTS
Gigabyte ODIN 800W PSU
DRYICE Tube by Kayl

well i didn't fly anywhere as i live in Sydney but it was great going to a venue a minute's walk from Sydney Opera House (Minus 5 bar) and going for gold!!!

We benched 3DMARK06 first and later 1M SuperPi. There was a little ****up with very little acetone brought in for the event LOL so we used Vodka :rofl: and James's (youngpro's) better half brought in some nail polish remover later on hehehe which was even worse hahahah

it was a really fun night with lots of Atomicans (35 forum members won tickets to attend the show). I have to say that i had a great laugh and met some nice fellas . I forgot what one of them was called but he was hilarious hahaha or maybe it was a few bottles of wine talking hahahahah

this event was a really good mix of socialising and overclocking. We had Colin and Lili from Gigabyte and Kevin from Nvidia and heaps of great Atomic crew.

In terms of the overclocking part of the show we had a lot of issues with low temps due to lack of acetone. Because the temps were really i ended up letting my rig rest on speedstep and really low volts and clocks to try and get as low a temp as possible and then did my runs. I also realised that this rubbish nail polish remover was actually starting to prevent CO2 from evaporating so during the runs i was stirring it and hitting the mix like crazy with the spoon's end to let it breathe and didn't use too much dice...... i was using small amounts of nail polish remover gradually

here is a photo of what i am talking about.... EEEEK

solid chunk fell out of the tube when i flogged it off into the kitchen sink LOL

i really paid attention to my insulation and made sure i had it as airtight as possible with blutac sealing the tube really well

i was also running on kayl rev1 tube due to a misunderstanding between us all. I thought that we were just literally just supposed to show up with the mobo/CPU/RAM and rest would be provided to keep things the same and fair.................had i known i could have used my kingpin pot i would of course bring it over but it was ok i guess

i think a little bit of prep and lots of luck helped me get across the line to take out both SuperPi and 3DMARK heats

i pulled off some 4.5GHz and 4.6GHz 3D runs and gotten 12562 and 12602 with my 8800GTS 320MB with 700/999

1M i managed to do 10.315s @4.9GHz run but doing the same thing again....waiting for the tube to cool down at low volts and clocks and then quickly running my benches and waiting 5 minutes between them on idle to try and improve

eventually i could no longer even keep 4.5GHz stable and just pulled the rig apart

youngpro had a lot of trouble with the board i think and pulled it apart a million times and temps were even worse on his rig.....i think he had the worst temps and then josh

kayl had awesome temps EEEK -69C in bios WOW
but his CPU was a dog from what he told me

i think James came second in 3D with a 12.1K run and josh after that with 11.6K....not sure if kayl managed to get any runs in 3D or pi now or was it josh...sorry my memory is ****

if our temps were normal my CPU had a FSB wall so i would be topping out at 4.9GHz regardless and i think James's and Josh's chips were a bit better but that's how it went down i guess

all in all it was a great event and one i would love to be a part of again if there was an opportunity
kinda relevant here i guess
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