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Which 1kW PSU? - - different look at memory


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Which 1kW PSU?

Im looking at picking up a new PSU in the 1kW range and have it narrowed down to these 3:

Silverstone OP1000 Single 12V @ 80A
Coolermaster RealPower M1000 6 virtual x 12V @ 108A
OCZ GameXStream 1010W 4 virtual x 12V @ 70A

My preference is leaning towards the OP1000 but I wanted some opinions before I go ahead and buy one
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Re: Which 1kW PSU?

If I could expand on your question Gaidin,

Can anyone also point out what's the difference between the Single and the Multiple rail 12v? In terms of which is better and why?

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Re: Which 1kW PSU?

Maybe check out

multiple rail probably more stable power if you're not oc'ing too much but for overclocking without risk of overloading one of the multiple lower amped +12v rails, single big fat amped +12v rail better.

But alot of multiple rail psu's are in fact reality a single rail in how they're designed/work.

Out of the 3 above, OP1000 would be my choice right now.
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Re: Which 1kW PSU?

This is a frequent question on all the computer BBS
10 people will give you ten dif answers.

As far as your three:
George (the owner of this forum) likes the SS 1000
Of the 1010W OCZ, I think you mean the ProXStream, not the "GameXStream". They also have a 900W modular now.
On the CoolerMaster, I am now looking for one for myself (cant find it in the USA even tho its been around a while now), but beware there are two - the ESBA (MODULAR and higher Amps) and the EMBA - which is not modular

I simply dont buy PSU that arent modular any more, nor one that has less than a 120mm fan - for noise control, nor any that are huge - like the Galaxy.

CM is the quietest, but most expensive. OCZ Pro is rock stable, but noisy at high loads and non modular.

Just my .02 - heh
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Re: Which 1kW PSU?

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Re: Which 1kW PSU?

sorry guys, just noticed that theres a PSU forum here with a thread nearly exactly the same...duh, damn noobs
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1kw, psu

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