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Quick Review: MSI P35 Platinium VS MSI P35 Neo2 - Which to buy? - - different look at memory


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Quick Review: MSI P35 Platinium VS MSI P35 Neo2 - Which to buy?

even with the coming of the x38, we know that p35 will most likely still be the mainstream mobo, so here is a test of 2 of the less popular and more affordable boards from MSI to see if they can keep the pace with asus and gigabyte in terms of overclocking and performance. also i will type my thoughts and how i felt about the boards personally.

i did an array of 8 benchmarks on the 2 boards as comparison and will probably add a gigabyte p35 dq6 to the review asap.

test setup are as follows:
Intel E6550 on stock cooling
MSI P35 Plat and P35 Neo2
Kingston DDR2 533mhz @ 1000mhz 5-5-4-10 2t
WD 80GB 8MB - same hdd used for all boards
COnnect3d x1950pro 512mb.
FSP 700W Epsilion

Benches done in open air concept in an ambient temp of 27 degrees celcius air con.

(please note i will not post pics for this as i find too many pics makes looking at results confusing. besides pro reviews are left to those who are paid for them )

first up we have the compare table for the plat and neo 2, RED is the better score

1) Superpi 1m - 21.969 vs 21.875
2) Superpi 32m - 20m 14.360s vs 20m 14.688s
3) Sandra lite XI Processor Arithmetic score - ALU/isse3 - 21559/14877 VS 21580/14880
4) Sandra lite XI Memory Bandwidth - Int/Float - 6536/6544 VS 6550/6551
5) Sandra lite XI Memory Latency - 77ns VS 76.9ns
6) 3dmark01 - 36791 VS 36879
7) 3dmark06 - 5258 VS 5267
8) Company of heros performance test @ 1024x768 MAx custom settings - AVG: 77.9 VS 78.7, MAX: 206 VS 210, MIN: 37 VS 39

Notice that the cheaper by $80 Neo2 performed a tad faster than the plat in most of the tests? with the exact same hardware and settings. this could have been due to background activity which was higher for the plat as i was doing some stuff in the background or it could have been the boards themselves.

Temperature wise, the platinium was cooler than the neo 2 by 2 to 4 degrees at the pwm, nb and sb area. this was done during the fifth minute of the super pi 32m test. this was taken by the probe under heatsink method. the boards are also the same physically with the plat having the rollercoaster circupipe cooler - which works well imo

Also an interesting feature abt the board was the abiloity to select your fsb. 200/266/333. HOwever, in using a 1333fsb processor, i found no performance difference with the 3 settings. even at a speed of 3.85ghz it was the same.

ANother interesting thing was that, 550mhz fsb which was stable on the platinium was NOT stable on the neo 2. EVen with the same voltage settings etc, the neo 2 would reboot or blue screen at 3.85ghz while the platinium happily went on its way to super pi 1m stable. this makes me wonder if the neo 2 are actually boards that could not pass some kind of test as a platinium to get downgraded. HOwever, for 80 bucks less, we could expect that.

MSI P35 Plat
Pros: Good bios settings available
solid board good feel.
circupipe is not a hoax
good value and performance
high fsb is not a problem. 550mhz on my e6550 on stock cooling
Rocks for dual core clocking
enough fan headers on board
Green/RED LED report lights very very useful
Easy to reset bios button
Bios has good recovery from failed clocking. you dont lose your failed bios settings even. allowing u to tweak from where u failed instead of redoing everything,

Cons: Not recommended for quad core. MSI left the top most pwm uncooled. it got WAYYYYY to hot to touch during quad core clocking
bios flashing is tough - require floppy disk
parts of circupipe too close to other board components.
8 pin cpu power connector could be placed somewhere better.
4 phrase analog pwm used.
nb,fsb voltage options not high enough in bios.

Technically the neo 2 is the same as the platinium so i wont go into pros and cons for that.

COnclusion and final thoughts: MSI is slower than top industry players but given time they will be able to catch up if they listen well enough to the enthusiasts. I think it is a worthwhile board to consider having and would take the platinium for $80 more to be used alongside my top end boards from Asus and Gigabyte. anyone considering a top of the line board should consider this as well. very honestly, i think the $80 for the platinium is well worth it

*$ is SIngapore Dollars
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