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Asus Blitz series boot up issue discussion thread - - different look at memory


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Exclamation Asus Blitz series boot up issue discussion thread

Remember, I'm not here to provide hand holding support but a little guidance won't hurt.. but be prepared to do alot of reading/searching and trial and error testing

Was reading and and it reminded me of one time i didn't properly insert my video card into PCI-E slot and i got power to my fans and system but no monitor display. Reinserting the video card allowed me to boot properly.

This brings me back to the numerous possible causes of boot up issues mentioned at
  1. If you do have problems booting, please start your own new thread instead of jumping on an existing thread so to make it easier for us to follow
  2. Please provide complete system hardware specs and operating system used. Including your board serial numbers and product number etc and see if there's a pattern ? also if made in china or taiwan PCB. i.e.
  3. Provide your bios settings used as per Blitz templates for Formula and Extreme
  4. Some of my thoughts of the possible reasons for boot up issues
  5. Some essential reading
  6. Also remember like P5K series, Blitz have a favourite set of dimm slots. For P5K series it was black dimm slots, for Blitz it's the white dimm slots.
  7. If you're running 4x1GB or if you suspect problems with 2x1GB memory configuration on Blitz Formula DDR2, start off with loosening subtimings from AUTO to something like 10-42-10-10-10 and set DRAM Static Read to Disabled instead and leave Transaction Booster on Auto for now. Then slowly test your system and tighten the subtimings and retest until you find your sweet spot. I'd read
  8. For 4x1GB memory configurations you may need 0.05v to 0.20v more memory voltage (vdimm), than what you needed for 2x1GB memory configurations.
  9. For 4x1GB or very high or tight timing/subtiming 2x1GB memory clocks, set your northbridge voltage to at least 1.45v to 1.55v but have a fan over your northbridge heatsink/fusion block if you're not water cooling it. NB overheating can also cause problems. Setting NB too low can cause instability issue or inability to boot or reboot properly.
  10. Setting FSB termination too high or low can for some cpus also cause instability or even BSODs. So need to play with those settings.
  11. If you run quad core cpu on the board, play with Cpu Voltage Reference and Northbridge Voltage Reference options as well as FSB termination voltage and Northbridge voltage. Incorrectly set on some cpus at borderline max FSB frequencies, can also cause BSODs on windows boot up as well.
  12. Don't be stupid enough to flash your bios without testing for stability of your system even for stock cpu/ram speeds! If need be only use 1 memory module installed so you can more quickly test for base system stability (memtest86+ v1.70 etc) prior to flashing your bios (with same 1 memory module installed).

Flashing bios on Asus P5K/Blitz series:

Asus P5K/Blitz series uses 2MB sized bios flash ROMs. So best way to flash or update your bios is to use a USB flash drive and the motherboard's own inbuilt EZ Flash 2 function:
  1. Even at stock cpu/mem speeds, you need to test for stability in memtest86+ v1.70 and windows before attempting to flash your bios. Don't assume stock cpu/mem speeds means stable as AUTO sub timings or some voltages might not be the right stable combination for your component configuration.
  2. Put bios on USB drive
  3. Ensure USB legacy is enabled and boot into bios
  4. Use EZ Flash 2 in bios to select the bios on your usb drive.
  5. Follow prompts to flash and wait until the auto reboot happens.
  6. Sometimes it may not boot up straight away, so turn off system, clear CMOS and you should be up and running again.

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