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1Kw PSU recommendations? - - different look at memory


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1Kw PSU recommendations?

Hey all,

Seems it's about time that I upgrade to a high end PSU for benchmarking. Not sure if I want a 1200W at this stage unless the performance/power stability benefits are worth it.

The options I'm considering are:

Silverstone Olympia 1000W ~$310 (???)
Enermax Galaxy DXX 1000W ~$385 (9 Jonny Guru review)
Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W ~$400 (9.5 Jonny Guru review)

Does any one of those jump out at you for high end benchmarking, or perhaps another that's not listed there? I remember eva saying that the Olympia was putting out good results for quads under LN2 but that was a while ago and I'm wondering if there's a new model that would be preferred.

Dimentions are not important as it's pretty much only going to live on a desk.
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

Of those three my choice would be the OP1000
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

james i went the 1000op, i like the single 12v 80a rail, gives great quad stability plus when plus cedar mills 7ghz+ it should be excellent,

problem is might lasted 2 days and died for an unknown reason, getting it rma right now, back to the ocz 700w for now
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

From those I'd go with the Olympia ( proved working fine at high Quad overclocks & SLI )...but...if I had some more money to spend I'd definitely hit a PC Power & Cooling TurboCool 1KW SR
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

Another option is the Tagan 1100W TurboJet for around $400. Anyone know anything about this?

@BenchZoner, I definately considered the PC P&C Turbo-cool 1KW-SR but it's nearly twice the price of the Olympia at ~US$470. Also, there's not many (none?) stores in Aus that stock PC Power & Cooling at all, let alone the Turbo-cool 1KW-SR.

pccasegear has the old 1KW dual 6pin PCI-Ex one but not the new quad 6pin PCI-Ex.

It's looking like the Olympia might be the go.
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

OP1000 would be my pick although i favour OP850 a bit more due to shorter psu depth heh.
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

OP1000 looks great on paper - I'm trying to get my hands on one for testing.

I use the Enermax Galaxy 1000W as the standard PSU on our bench system and it's been a treat so far.

Recently reviewed the Tt 1200W unit and it was... well underwhelming on the 12v rail to say the least. Everyone's favourite PSU tester mr Guru seems to have loved his experience, yet i've read a number of forum threads of end users having units die. So all in all it seems a very mixed bag and for the money, I'd look elsewhere.

The Tagan 900W looks good also, I don't have the results from the testing on hand (they're at work) but from memory it did well. For anyone looking for a 24/7 system solution this would be a good choice due to it's small dimensions.

Also just for you info, the Tagan 1300W arrived yesterday, I've only had the time to throw it on the shelf, so nfi on performance I don't even know the rrp for the unit yet - so no idea if it fits your budget, but if you're interested I can let you know how it goes.

Also had the Seasonic X900 on the bench recently. After two initial DOA units (faulty batch), the third has been a charm.

I had a fairly brief play with the Coolermaster modular 1000W unit a couple weeks back and it seemed like a nice unit though I didn't look into it too much as it wasn't on the review list.

I know it's fairly general feedback James but much of the results I can't mention until it's published, sorry. Feel free to contact me on msn or give me a call and it'd be okay to talk one on one re: results etc.
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Re: 1Kw PSU recommendations?

lol, Josh. Here I was, literally with bank card in hand about to get the Olympia and you go and throw a spanner in the works with this post

At the moment, it's a toss up between the Olympia 1KW or the Tagan 1100W with a lean towards the Olympia.

Can you jump on MSN now?
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