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Rampage II extreme and RAM..... - - different look at memory


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Rampage II extreme and RAM.....

Hi all!
Spending all day reading posts in this forum give me the idea that I'm not alone in the world with the less-Ram-detected-problem!
1. I'm a Flight simulation fan, and decided to upgrade my system for this purpose. I thought to choose the best solution : Intel I7980 - asus R2E - Nvidia 480gtx - 6Gb ram@1600 mhz.....etc...
2. I'm definitely not a "guru" of overclocking and not even need it : I 'm looking for safety and stability of the system.

In the past I built up many other pcs with no problem, even if I don't think I'm an expert but... this Asus Rampage II Extreme is driving me crazy !!

First I installed 3x2 Gb Mushkin Redline 1600mhz 6-7-6-18 in slot A1,B1,C1 :read 2 Gb !
Then I tried to change ram sticks on every slot in all possible combination with no result.
"OK," I thought " I've bought the wrong kit , let's change it!"
So I installed 3x2 Gb Corsair TR3X6G1600C9 : obviously same result: 2Gb
I then tried to mount all 6 sticks : now I have 4 Gb !
Different combinations show that only slots A1 and A2 are active.
CPUz sees all the memory in any slot , even all the sticks together : 12Gb with correct parameters.
I read the first thread and tried to manually insert some values but with no success.
anyway, as I'm not an expert in manage OC, I ask for some further help.
English is not my mother language, so excuse me for errors, and consider that I hardly understand all gergal phraseology.

One consideration is mandatory:
imagine to spend a lot of money buying a car and not be sure that your brakes will stop it when you need to.
Or undergo a surgey procedure and your doctor tell you that "maybe" ventilator will stop to make you breath or electrical power "maybe" will shut off during surgery....
So, why the hell we must spend money for something that "maybe" will work or more probably won't?
Wich other commercial market could exist with such uncertainity about quality and reliability?
I think that we, customers, must ask for more quality for our money.
My two cents.

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I never used RIIE so not entirely sure but some suggestions

as to voltages you don't want to leave them auto but set them to lowest manual option available to start with i.e.

CPU Differential Amplitude [Auto]
Extreme OV [Disabled]
CPU Voltage Control [Absolute VID]
CPU Voltage [1.20000]
CPU PLL Voltage [Auto]
QPI/Dram Core Voltage [Auto] <-- that is your cpu vtt voltage talked about at
IOH Voltage [Auto]
IOH PCIE Voltage [Auto]
ICH Voltage [Auto]
ICH PCIE Voltage [Auto]
so try playing with QPI/DRAM voltages between 1.25-1.4v to see if it helps as per outlined at as loosen timings to 9-9-9-24 2T first until you consistently get full amount of installed memory detected, then start tightening timings and adjusting voltages as per and (both links also listed at

point #3 at refers to link at

Setting some important voltage settings to AUTO instead of lowest manual available voltage option. See 2nd post here for suggestions.
Asus intel cpu forum has sticky threads with bios templates, pick one template closest to your bios format, and use that bios template format to post the settings you have tried as well.
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In my experience with the R2E, too low vdimm is what caused sticks to not be detected as the should. Try increasing vdimm to 1.65v (or whatever the sticks are rated at) and see if that helps. Of course as Eva has pointed out, it can be affected by many variables including Vtt and CPU mounting/pin contact in socket.
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