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i7 920 with 200MHz bclk - - different look at memory


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i7 920 with 200MHz bclk

OK guys, I have a problem in using bclk 200MHz.

I can get my 197MHz x 20, Vcore 1.27 Bios (1.31 CPU-z), 1.31 VTT and 1.65Vdimm pass Linx 20 runs no problem.

But yesterday I tried 200MHz x20,x19 and x18 but couldn't get it to past limx for more than 50 seconds.
I pumped the Vcore until 1.32v but got nothing, then I push the VTT to 1.37 (Vdimm 1.68 constant) but no improvement whatsoever.

The thing is, no matter what settings I use, if it involves 200MHz bclk then my screen will freeze after running Linx for 30-50 seconds.

I tried one of the bro Cstkl settings but it improves nothing on my end.

First Test
Program : linx 0.5.8

Config :
bclk 200 ,multi 20 ,uncore 2400, dram 1200 ,HT off first.
vdimm at stock, qpi at stock,EIST/TM/C1 etc etc all disabled
also since ure running gtx295 make sure u set 512mb more than ure 1792mb so i guess 2304mb.
6 channel interleave, 4 channel interleave, leave dram at 2n 8-8-8-24 tRFC 88

test ure cpu vcore with this always at 1.25,1.2625,1.275,1.28750,1.3,1.31250,1.3250 etc
the inbetween causes more instability.Proven in many mobos.

pass linx 10 rounds. reboot and try again. atleast twice

Second test
Program : Prime95 25.8-25.9 64xbit

Config :
set dram to 1600mhz qpi to 3200mhz dram at 1.65v-1.68v , vtt at 1.26-1.36v
set prime95 to large fft and then custom change from run fft to atleast 5.4gb
for ioh/ich voltage, ioh analogue, ich voltage
try this combi either 1.11,1.10,1.05 / 1.21,1.2,1.15

U need to pass atleast the full 1024mb and 896mb full 15 of each.

Notice the errors u get for more vdimm and vtt. Later find the exact ratio aka difference between vdimm and vtt. This will help u in later overclocking for higher ram speeds.

Once u pass reboot and retry again. atleast 3 times.

then try with better ram timing

Test 3
reconfirm ure ioh/ich, ioh analogue, ich 1.05 voltage
Run hyperpi 32m 4 threads, 8 threads, and then 16 threads

Make sure u can pass it atleast twice one after the other
and then pass again upon reboot twice again.

This is how i clocked

the others err ram timing a bit more complicated. more to feel.
Again, the screen freezed on my initial run for the first test. It's the same all over again~

Everything done on my DK in diagnostic mode.
i7 920 D0 with megashadow Push/pull, 6GB Dominator 1600MHz cl7 ver2.2, DFI DK, HD5870, Acbel M8 750w.
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Have you tried raising pcie mhz?
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200mhz, 920, bclk

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