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Retail i7 980X & R3E + LN2 = NO CB :) - - different look at memory


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Retail i7 980X & R3E + LN2 = NO CB :)

Lets play

All the time I was looking for a good i7 980X retail. I killed a few, a few died itself and other were extremely crappy. So summing up I have got 10+ retail i7 980X and I had bad luck till now because at last I found one chip for 3D. It isn't very good, eventually I should say it is a weak CPU but with 6 GHz 3D I can play some futuremark games

Benching rig:

Intel i7 980X retail 3013A562
Asus Rampage III Extreme
Goodram PRO 2000 CL7 2x2 GB
MSI HD5970
Asus HD5870
Antec Quattro 1200W
Antec Skeleton

I love R3E, with it's LN2 MODE/SUBZERO TWEAKER 1/2 and OVERCLOCKING MODE 1/2 I can fine tune this CPU to get rid of Coldbug (only on Dual Channel, with Triple Coldbug still kicks my ass at - 130*C) but for 3D Dual Channel will do. This chip sucks in 2D so I don't need to worry about triple


The highest CPU score

Full Vantage run with some triple CrossfireX action HD5970 + HD5870, stock because this HD5970 is half dead and overclocking ends with lack of stability

High Vantage Uncore, but this CPU can do 5050 Mhz Uncore

3DMark 06

40K broken, no tweaks only raw MHz power

6000+ MHz in CPU TEST with HT ON, not too shabby

GPU Tests pass up to 6.2 GHz so with 4x HD5870 or 4x 480GTX on LN2 I can achieve some good numbers in Vantage

It's all for today because I ran out of LN2, I have used almost 30L on other 2 chips 3013A562 (second of this batch but CB -110) and 3013A472 which I thought will be better batch, but in fact it barely entered OS at 5.8 GHz despite the fact it also doesn't have CB


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Nice mate, shame about cold bug with triple channel mem config.

Looking forward to 6+ ghz runs
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Thx master

I uploaded some photos from the session

And some new toy

Guess what now I can CHANGE ON THE FLY? It's a shame that standard ROG Connect software doesn't allow to change multi I missed this option from Rampage II Extreme but now I am really happy

And some love from ASUS

I am prepared for next session
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980x, ln2, r3e, retail

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