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Tony @ OCZ - F die Micron and the truth on speed yield - - different look at memory


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Talking Tony @ OCZ - F die Micron and the truth on speed yield

Interesting report
By Tony
OCZ have been testing f die for a good few weeks now, we were a little disturbed to see competitors posting results of this die running 300fsb or close to it...fact is after we tested hundreds of kits the average speed is no where near this.

We lauched the product under the part number OCZP5002GXTC-k this denotes DDR500 XTC heat spreaders and K for kit.

We Guarantee the kits will run ddr500 at 3-3-3-8 timings, the info you all want to see is how much higher it will run over this.
Now, i have been testing for 2 weeks here, and the max stable i have seen from my kits is 262 to 267fsb 3-3-3, back at OCZ average speed is around this also, some kits will do 280 but these are in the minority over the total amount of kits tested. I imposed a max vdimm limit on all the boards tested here at 2.8V, this included Ultra D, eXpert, Venus, RDX200, Manta(ATI) A8R32 MVP (Asus ATI), i used 148 Opty, 165 opty, 3700+ E6, 4000+ E6, 3000+ E4, 3200+ E4 and a 4600+ X2, ram speed was within 1fsb over all the CPU's i tested. I also used 520W powerstream, new 600W Evo stream, and 700W game extreme PSU's all from OCZ, the PSU made NO difference to my clocks.

Now im not going to post tons of sandra screenies, 3D benches etc to show it is 260fsb stable as i see no point. i think most of you here will trust me when i say it is totally stable at this speed but not much more. I will be updating the prime stable data base over at the OCZ support forums to reflect the testing i have done here so you can take a look over there in a few days if you want to see stock settings etc.

Trust me when I say i tried all the tweaks being reported here to get higher clocks, the ONLY tweak that ramps the fsb up is Vdimm. If you are willing to juice it up it does respond to voltage quite well but going by what happened to D die i would say you would do well keeping a max of 2.8V or lower just to be safe.

OCZ's take on F die is its a worthy DDR500 product, its not the best we offer as we feel our 4000EB is a lot nicer and price wise will be more competitive with the rebate 's we are putting in place. If you want full balls out speed get the CE5 based 4000EB, if you want a cool running kit for DDR500 usuage or a little higher then the 4000Plats are nice also. We have good stock of both and will continue to test speed yield and i will report if any batches of either product show huge speed gains so you can jump and and grab whats hot.

Im open to talk about my findings and OCZ's take on F die etc. I spoke with Ryan at length regarding our stance and what you see here is OCZ being as truthful as we can with the end user with regard to the products we offer.

Modules are these 2GB OCZ PC4000 EL Platinum XTC

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