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Prime95 - - different look at memory


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Prime95v.26.1 build 1(32bit)
Prime95v.26.1 build 1(64bit)

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thanks for the new thread heads up for Prime95
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This is test version.

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It has been there for 4-month.
So we have to compile it by ourselves?
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Prime95v.26.2 build 1(32bit)

Prime95v.26.2 build 1(64bit)

From the included whatsnew.txt file:

1) Faster FFTs for most SSE2-capable CPU architectures.
2) More FFT lengths supported.
3) Some of the new, faster FFTs don't let us do as much error checking on each iteration.
If you don't want to lose this error checking, choose "SUM(INPUTS) error checking" from
the Options menu. This will slow down your tests by about 2-5%.
4) When a possible hardware error occurs during a test, the error message would
likely scroll off the screen unnoticed. Now, all future progress updates to
the screen will be followed by a message containing a count of the errors that
have occurred during the test.
5) Worker Windows now stagger their starts. This improves timings for some
CPUs and operating systems. See undoc.txt to control this feature.
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Prime95v.26.3 build 3(32bit)

Prime95v.26.3 build 3(64bit)

Known bugs and fixes:

1) The length 7K real FFT crashes on Core i3/i5/i7/i9 when running 32-bit Prime95 or 32-bit mprime. Fixed in next release.
2) Benchmarking on a multi-core or hyperthreaded machine resulted in several spurious "Setting affinity to run help thread..." messages. Fixed in 26.3.
3) The length 3072K (and some others) FFT crash on Northwood and Willamette Pentium 4. Fixed in 26.3.
4) The new feature that continuously outputs hardware error counts took multiple lines. Version 26.3 will have several undoc.txt options to control the amount of verbiage.
5) In rare situations, an insufficiently large FFT length was chosen. Generally, you would only notice this with larger bases. An example is 10024*603^153-1. Fixed in 26.3.
6) Worker-specific memory settings were not used in calculating the optimal P-1 bounds. Fixed in 26.3.
7) On 64-bit Ubuntu 10.x machines, trial factoring would find factors but would improperly format them for writing to results.txt and for sending to PrimeNet. Fixed in 26.3.
8) On 64-bit Ubuntu 10.x machines, N/A in worktodo.txt caused parse errors. Fixed in 26.3.
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Prime95 v26.4

1) The length 160K x87 FFT crashes. Fixed in 26.3 build 2.
2) The length 4M FFT crashes on Northwood and Willamette Pentium 4. Fixed in 26.3 build 3.
3) On a brand new install, the default on hyperthreaded machines was 2 threads per worker. This was slower for most users. In the next release, the default will be 1 thread per worker.
4) Testing 522*928^24576-1 in 64-bit executables crashes. Fixed in 26.4.
5) You cannot edit the affinity settings from the Linux menus. Fixed in 26.4.
6) Running a multi-threaded torture test on AMD machines failed. Fixed in 26.4.
7) Setting a specific FFT length in worktodo.ini sometimes selects the next larger FFT length. This would most commonly occur when an exponent being tested is near the FFT crossover point and a specific FFT length is automatically chosen based on the roundoff error in the first 1000 iterations. Fixed in 26.4.
8) Multi-line additional information from the Primenet server was not parse properly. Only the first line was parsed. Thus, when successfully completing a double-check only the successful completion was written to prime.log. The cpu credit amount was not written to prime.log. Fixed in 26.4.
9) When doing PRP on non-base-2 numbers the time estimate in Test/Status was off by a factor of log2(base). Fixed in 26.4.
10) On a 32-bit Mac, some FFT implementations were missing. Fixed in next release.
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Prime95 v26.5

1) Pentium 4s and Celerons with L2 cache size of 256K or less choose a length 4M FFT when they could use an FFT between 1600K and 4M in size. Fixed in next release.
2) The on screen message reporting that errors have occurred during the LL test was wrong. The counts for "SUM(INPUTS) != SUM(OUTPUTS)" and "ROUNDOFF > 0.4" were reversed. Fixed in next release.
3) Dual-boot users running a 32-bit and 64-bit executable on the same exponent may experience "Unable to initialize FFT" message. This happens when prime95 writes an FFT size to worktodo.txt and that FFT size is only supported by just one of the two executables. For example, the 2240K FFT length is supported for 64-bit Core 2 but not 32-bit Core 2. Fixed, somewhat inelegantly, in 26.5 -- unimplemented FFT lengths are ignored when worktodo.txt is read.
4) Prime95 will sometimes inexplicably unreserve exponents. I think this happens when prime95 incorrectly calculates the CPU speed. Version 26.5 will only use a new slower CPU speed measurement after several slower CPU measurements. Hopefully, this will resolve the unreserve problem caused by a single erroneous CPU speed measurement.
5) Prime95 would lose the how_far_factored and tests_saved information on PRP= lines in worktodo.txt. Fixed in 26.5.
5) Prime95 did not offer an option to delete P-1 save files when a work unit completes. Fixed in 26.5.
6) Prime95 did not fully understand Sandy Bridge CPUID output. Fixed in 26.5.
7) Prime95 did not accurately report the CPU speed. Fixed in 26.5.
8) At startup, the workers threads do not start up properly until communication with the server completes. If you have a large worktodo.txt file, this will result in wasted CPU time and many "use count" error messages. Fixed in 26.5.
9) Time estimates for trial factoring to 2^79 and above were incorrect. Fixed in 26.5.
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