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Thanks for yur advice! It really helped. I hate having to spend hours testing for stability, only to find out that I had a bad set of ram, but that is how it goes sometimes.

Anyway, I did settle on DDR1910 8-9-8-24-1T for my final 24/7 settings. I got there with 1.4250V VTT and 1.64V VDIMM. I still get to run my CPU at 4.0ghz, so I am happy. I tried 7-8-7 and that was definately a no go and even 8-8-8 would give me errors pretty quick. I only tried bumping up the VDIMm to 1.66V (tiny bump. I know) and a VTT of around 1.475, sust to see if it would work, and no dice.....

One strange, but not so un-common quirk, I noticed. I have trouble with my ram timings changing after resuming from sleep. This happens with any overclock at all. In every case the CAS latency moves up byt 2. For example, if I am at 1600 6-7-6, everest will report 8-7-6 after I resume from sleep. at 1910 8-9-8 everest will report 10-9-8 after sleep. WEIRD. I also get the occasional BSOD when resuming from sleep, even though I an pass all stability tests. IBT, Prime95, OCCT, and I can run super pi (32m) while running OCCT or Prime95. I see no other evidence of instability. For now I have just decided not to use sleep, but I miss it, as I have been using it since VISTA. Does anyone here know what can be causing the weird behavior?

The timing thing happens EVERY time I resume from sleep. at DDR1600 or DDR1910. The BSOD does not. It actually seems to happen only when the computer sleeps for a long time, like an hour or more. If I put it to sleep and resume in just a minute or two, I can do it dozens of times with no BSOD.....

IDEAS? I googled the words everest, timings, and sleep, and saw several forum posta all over about this, and it DOES also happen with CPU-Z. LOTS of people having this happen, but I saw no solution. I did update my BIOS, and no difference.

Thanks again, guys!
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