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Team AU do Australias biggest LAN party - - different look at memory


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Team AU do Australias biggest LAN party

This year again Team Australia attended the RELOADED Lan event based in Adelaide Australia. This event is held once a year and is the premiere lan gaming event in Australia. Reloaded attracts approx 1000~ visitors over the two day event and has a number of competitions and prize give aways throughout.

Two years ago Moloko and myself were lucky enough to attend and represent Team Australia in this event under the Altech banner. This year we are back with a much larger crew...

Dinos22- Mr team australia and SuperPI wizard
tuchan - audio, smoke machine and beer supply
unclefester - supplier of everything i forgot
bob(nz) - team australia member
youngpro - Mr controversy

At this type of event it is always hard to really focus on record breaking benching. The crowd is always interested and asking questions and most of your time is spend talking to people over what you are doing and how you are doing it. We focussed much more this year on high scores and more on getting the crowd involved and explaining everything to the crowd, getting people involved in what we were doing.

I also had a P55A-UD4P to give away and I chose a 3dmark 2001 competition to give it away. We had a competition on the user that could get closest to 60,000 marks. The competition went really well but the feedback I had was that not everyone could achieve 60k, I seem to be a little out of touch with the lower end of 2k1 and will make sure everyone can achieve my give aways next year! We had a user reach 59993 marks, which proved to be unbeatable, a few users got 58 and 61 but none closer than this!

I would like to thank Gigabyte and GSKILL our main sponsors and also Intel and AMD for sending some gear over for the duration of this event. I would also like to thank my LN2 guy neil at Party World for organizing to drop off and pick up the 480 Litres for the event, you went out of your way, thanks mate.

For the duration of the event we had two rigs going for most of the time but at times ran a third rig also.

Dino was on our primary rig, he was running the GIGABYTE 790FXTA-UD5 board with a strong 965 C3 and a set of GSKILL 17600 PS hypers. This platform ran very strongly for the duration of the event, but had a few issues. Dino had the 32m and 1m records in his sights a number of times but world record runs froze towards the end on more than one occassion. I think you did really well considering the circumstances Dino, even kindly pausing to explain what you were doing to on lookers. In a number of photos below you can see Dino being smoked out with the smoke machine... We had alot of fun pointing it at the crowd and people running off thinking something of ours was on fire.

Our second rig was on phase change, it was running a Clark 660, GIGABYTE P55A-UD7 GSKILL PIS 2200 C7 kit and a 5870. This rig was setup for the crowd to have a look how fast and smooth RE5 and Unigine Heaven benchmarks can run with a subzero cpu. Not long after we started we had users playing Crysis on this system and it went on for most of the event. All of the gamers we talked to were very intersted in overclocking and what we were doing but they REALLY wanted to know if it could run Crysis!

Our last rig was by popular demand. People wanted MORE out of the Crysis platform, and Team Australia delivered. We ran this platform with a GIGABYTE X58A-UD7, GSKILL 17066 Perfect Storms and 3 5870 cards. The Intel 960 cpu was at 5-5.2Ghz and was running subzero at about -70 degrees for the session. We had a number of users step up and play Crysis, we even had a user donate his HD monitor so we could up the resolution and push the benchmark. We took turns pouring LN2 for this rig as it was up and running for a good 4-5 hours in all.

I had heaps of fun at the event, I didnt get to spend any time benching, mainly running around organizing things for the event. I did get to spend a few minutes trying to beat the user that achieved 59993 marks but I was only able to get 60009 at best, I was no match for this 3DMark01 low clock master.

the lan

setting up

team au fighting over the ln2

our 3dmark01 competition winner and his score

dino controlling the room

dino smoked out

dinos platform

our RE5 platform

the booth

crysis going down

our sound man andy enjoying the gourmet cuisine

taking a quiet moment to do some mods before everyone arrives

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lol wtf "Mr team australia and SuperPI wizard" hahaha
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we had lots of fun

thanks to Gigabyte, Gskill, Gap Marketing & AMD for their support and Adelaide guys and especially youngpro for their hospitality.

Adelaide is such a nice, peaceful city. I really liked it very much

I've tested some nice hardware and plan to do some more testing. Here is a list:
  • Gigabyte 790FXA-UD5
  • Seagate SATA3 2TB First SATA3 HDD in the world (I plan to do some more in depth testing on Intel platofrm with this one)
  • Gskill 2GB based sticks in Ripjaw and 17600 kit
  • ATI 5870 Radeons awesome cards
  • Kingpin Venom AMD CPU LN2 pot
I did burn a lot of LN2 to try and get some 32M runs but it seems that either i am doing something super wrong or that there is a problem with the CPU after it came to be from TW event .......... at some point no matter if 6.3 or 6.5GHz the CPU will warm up instantly (usually around loop 4) and quickly by 10C and crash.........very unusual and it's not pot related as ive tested a lot of pots and i think i managed to even get -185C at IHS with Kingpin Venom during 32M but once it hit that crazy heat spot it would just heat up to -174C or something and lockup...............

i really wanted a 32M run and tried that.......later i did attempt 1M but this was on day two and the boards were getting even more shaky after constant torture so it was a no go......i did get a look at half done sub 10s 1ms and some crazy 32Ms but if it doesnt finish no point carrying on heheheheh .....After the event i also tried this chip on Asus Crosshair board and got the same behaviour from the CPU but it was clocking even worse on that board ..... suffice to say i've run out of steam with that chip lol

Andy is an absolute legend.....hahahah.... he was exactly as you described him James lol


used some stiching software to create a panorama cause my camera couldnt take a wide shot like this hehehe

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Nice works fellas, looks like a lot of fun!

Sorry I couldn't make it. My job was winding down coz i've gone back to studying and couldn't turn down the double time $$ over the weekend
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wow guys looks like you had one hell of a good time

enough Gigabyte marketing on the backside of the lcd monitor ?

strange about the cpu temps jumping +10C half way through though weird indeed.

James what phase change unit was on the RE5 rig ? the evap mount looks like a Cbuzz edition cooler ?

Dino at the panorama photo's bottom right corner watermark image
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you guys are respected community members? who'd of thunk that?

pretty cool you guys
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Shiat, i didnt know it was on and would seriously have flown down to take part!
Next time.............
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nice event
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