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[listing] eva2000's Intel motherboard, cpu, memory adventures listing - - different look at memory


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Talking [listing] eva2000's Intel motherboard, cpu, memory adventures listing

Easy all in one place listing of some of my old Intel related adventures

As at Jan 2, 2006:

DFI Lanparty 875P-T LGA775 Benchmark Adventures

Abit AI7 17 bios - different levels of PAT compared [comparison table]

Revisiting OCZ PC3500 Plat LE BH-5 @250mhz 2227

Revisiting Corsair XMS3200C2v1.1 BH-6 @240mhz 2226

1GB XMS3200XL Results on Abit AI7

OCZ DDR Booster + ADATA PC4000

OCZ PC3700 Gold rev2 + AI7 [lots of screenies]

OCZ PC3500 Gold benchmarks

A-DATA PC4000 @ DDR550 / Epox 4PCA3+

4x 256MB A-DATA PC4000 on IC7 & PX865PE PRO2

1GB Dual Channel Ramdisk benchmarked

1GB OCZ PC3200 Gold VX + P4C800-E results

OCZ DDR Booster + BH-6 oc'ing

P4 2.8C + P4C800-E + OCZ DDR Booster Revisted

2GB OCZ PC3200 Performance Series DC kit

Revisiting 2x 256MB OCZ PC3500 Premier

OCZ DDR Booster + BH-5 oc'ing

Added: April 27, 2006
Intel Pentium D 3.46Ghz 955XE 65nm Presler + Abit AW8-Max

Added: June 25, 2006
Intel Pentium D 2.8Ghz 920D + Abit AW8D 975x

Thermaltake Extreme Spirit II chipset cooler on Abit AW8D 975x motherboard

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