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F28 hynix on a 9800Pro - Page 2 - - different look at memory


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doesn't help video card clocks but system stability a bit
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get me 1 of these ? please :>
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By fxr91
Well, I got a RMA'd GeCube 9800Pro the other day. My old card was a 9800 Pro "Extreme", and boy, am I glad I didn';t get one of those again :P

This 9800Pro has a R360 core in it, and the ram is Hynix F 28, apparently it is 2.8ns ram and only rated to 350MHz. Well, it is currently running my benchies at 405MHz :P

Just got 27k in 3DMark01 ( )

Very imprerssive card, and this is with the card only on air cooling. I am using an Arctic Cooling VGA Silencer oin the card, allowing me to get to 485MHz on the core. I was only able to get 475 on the core with the stock cooler, so not a bad increase, especially considering I am not using any vmods or BIOS flash yet
TRUST ME YOU GOT LUCKY... hynix 2.8ns chips NEVER go that far... omg.. mega jealousy (despite havign a 6800GT now)... i've had 2 cards both using hynix 2.8ns chips, and when bare at default voltage the first coudl only do 360, the other 355, and with heatsinks and some good case airflow, one did 378, the other 365. i can tell you for a fact, if i had a fan directly over the ramsinks, they could do a good 10mhz higher each. The hynix chips HATE more volts, because itjust makes more heat, and so it only makes it worse! BUT IF YOU COOL IT GOOD u'll get some awesome clocks out of it... so 405 mhz on bare chips, that's NNNUUTTSSS!!!

cool and and u'll get 420, i'm telling u.

ur core sounds like a nut too... what the hell are u using to test for artifacts - it sounds too good to be true... raise that vcore to 1.95volt and u'd do 520mhz on the core for sure! (or, if you put too much volts, you can kil the 9800, as I did mine ).
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9800pro, f28, hynix

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