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Question for setting the GT 6GB (3x2GB) TR3X6G2000C7GTF - Page 2 - - different look at memory


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By eva2000 View Post
XMP profiles aren't much use for i7 cpus as the default/pre-programmed QPI Voltage (uncore voltage or what other non-ASUS boards refer to as cpu vtt volts) might not be optimal as each individual i7 cpu's memory controller will handle QPI/Uncore voltage differently, some i7 cpus like lower uncore voltage. Disable XMP and set the voltages manually you might want to start with vdimm 1.65v and QPI Voltage (cpu vtt/uncore) of 1.25-1.45v and see
as George has said, at DDR3-2000, things are not straight forward. this is the upper end of stability for a lot of chips. the CPU is going to be your limit here, not the memory in most cases. QPI voltage of 1.7v is ridiculously high. Corsair sets this high and it doesn't need to be. start lower...much lower. too high a QPI voltage will cause instability. as mentioned, 1.30v range is likely too low, but some chips like it better so start there and slowly work your way up.

the old adage of increase voltage until stable is not always the case with i7.
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Thanks eva2000

Hi 3oh6

At QPI Voltage of 1.3v my computer didn't even boot. The X.M.P. profiles puts it at 1.60v

After changing the memory back to 7-8-7-20 from 7-7-7-18 as per eva2000 advice I managed to bring down the QPI Voltage to 1.65v and DRAM Voltage to 1.64v but I'm back at 1922 DRAM Frequency

My computer is stable and I'm happy with the result.

P.S. I also have OCZ 2000MHz 7-8-7-20 but the max I can go with it is 1810MHz. I think CORSAIR is much better memory for me. Now all I have to do is to sell the OCZ
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OMFG... nearly 1.7V VTT is way too much, try to stay within a vtt-vdimm difference of .225-.310V with these great Dominators. I know ur using a C0 965, but even that should do the needed 4GHz uncore with less than 1.55V VTT (QPI/DRAM it's called by ASUS -> crappy naming).
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