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OCCT Perestroika 3.0.0.b23 - - different look at memory


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OCCT Perestroika 3.0.0.b23

OCCT English site:

What's new ?

5 Tests
  • CPU OCCT : The classical OCCT CPU tests. The modes "CPU, RAM, and Mix" have been renamed to match more closely their roles to "Low, Medium and Large data sets".
  • Linpack : The very same test that Intel Burn Test, based on an Intel library, that will make your CPU hotter than never before.
  • GPU 3D : OCCT GPU, a home-made 3d program that will make your GPU hotter than anything else (even furmark), and sports an error-checking mode just as ATITool.
  • GPU Memtest : A GPU memory memtest based on CUDA. Very useful as well, but in practice, it is better at detecting manufacturing errors, and not overclocking errors.
  • Power Supply : This test is actually Linpack combined with OCCT GPU. It aims at loading your power supply, and results shows that it uses 20% more power than Crysis and 25% than 3dmark BEWARE, THIS TEST IS REALLY HARD ON YOUR POWER SUPPLY, IT COULD MELT IT EASILY ! DO NOT USE IT IF YOU HAVE A "NO NAME" POWER SUPPLY !

  • Brand new GUI, with alot of options added
  • Help panel : just move your mouse
  • Modularity : you can hide/show the Monitoring/Sysinfo/Help parts

  • Graphs have been revamped - they'll show the test configuration in the titles (Resolution for the GPU 3D test, etc...)
  • Another line has been added showing the CPU Usage on CPU tests and Power Supply, and the FPS on the 3d test !

  • Engine was updated, should support more cpus
  • Added GPU temperature monitoring and autodetection
  • The CPU Usage displayed is now instantaneous (just as the task manager) instead of the average since the starts of the test - more meaningful, especially since the graphs shows the CPU usage in time.

Latest 3.0.0.b23 Changelog :
  • The OCCT Test now executes as a separate process
  • The bug known as "-1 core detected" is gone
  • Monitoring/system info engine updated
  • Linpack 32 bits test now works with systems with more than 4GB of memory - max mem considered is 1.44GB (universal value)
  • The power supply test now works everywhere as well
  • GPU:Memtest has been GREATLY updated : 6 thorough tests have been implemented, and they are EXACTLY the same as Memtest86+. One pass is takes much, much longer though (i'd say about 10 minutes). But the efficiency is now much better. Remember, you need a geforce 8 or later cards.

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OCCT 3.0.0

Changelog (Since 2.0.1) :

  • OCCT's main UI has been completly revamped
  • Graphs now shows a 2nd line showing the CPU usage / FPS during the test.
  • CPU usage is now instantaneous instead of an average since the start of the test
  • OCCT now has 5 different tests. The descriptions are at the end of the changelog
  • Entirely revamped - now based on tabs, and completly modular
  • Now has a small help module - just move your mouse around OCCT's window, you'll see
  • The built-in engine has been updated - lots of new hardware are now supported
  • Alot of bugs are fixed, included the famous "3 cores out of 4 detected"
  • Graphs now shows a second line showing the CPU usage/FPS during the test
  • A legend explains everything
  • The test configuration is now entirely present in the graph's subtitles

  • The original, inherited from previous versions of OCCT
  • Now Core i7 compatible
  • Optimized
  • The very same as IntelBurnTest, based on a test provided by Intel
  • It will make your CPU hotter than never !
  • 32 and 64 bits support
  • Home-made test written in Direct3d that will make your GPU really hot - this test is similar to ATITool and Furmark (thanks to Furmark and JegX for his support and for the aborted partnership )
  • Will make your graphic card real hot - especially the GPU
  • Has an error detection mode similar to ATITool
  • SLI and Crossfire support (Just enable Fullscreen mode !)
  • Again, Home-made test written in CUDA that'll launch a MemTest86 or MemTest86+ like test on your Graphic card memory and report any error found
  • Requires a Nvidia Graphic Card, and a GeForce 8 or Higher !
Power Supply
  • Dedicated to power supplies - it'll launch GPU:3D and CPU:LINPACK at the same time to load your power supply. BEWARE, THIS TEST IS REALLY DEMANDING !
  • This tests demands 30 to 40% more power than crysis on a quad-core system with an SLI graphic system installed...

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Cuda? hehe

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OCCT 3.0.1 beta1

Changelog :

  • OCCT now uses, when available, sensor names instead of their position when loading. Thus, when the sensor list changes (i.e. a sensor "disappears" as sometimes happens), the others are still correctly configured, and not completly messed up as before. This works with monitoring programs that provides sensor names (Built-in, Everest,...).
  • OCCT now correctly loads the max CPU Temp (you could configure it to temps higher than 99C, but it reverted to 80C upon restart).

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OCCT 3.0.1 beta2

Changelog :

* Romanian and Arabic languages Support
* GPU:Memtestis now compatible with Nvidia cards with more than 512MB under Vista (Should be fine until 4GB). It is due to a bug in Nvidia driver, they're working on it at the moment.
* GPU:Memtest is 4 times faster and effectiveness has been improved
* GPU:Memtest can now, as it switched to Cuda 2.1, try to use as much memory as possible (this could not be due to a bug in Cuda 2.0 previously)
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OCCT 3.0.1 beta 3

* GPU:Memtest Now detects your driver's version and will disable itself if you don't have driver 181.22 or later version
* GPU:Memtest won't start if you don't have a GeForce 8 or higher card
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OCCT 3.0.1 RC1

Changelog :
* Built-in monitoring updated
* CPU Usage cannot be below 0 anymore
* The OCCT directory is now properly deleted upon uninstall
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