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2x1GB Crucial Ballistix Tracer Results - Page 9 - - different look at memory


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By Stonewall
Hey llama how did you get Newegg to ship to you? I thought they didn't do overseas orders?

he mentioned it already

By LlamaOfDoom
I live in Unley, Adelaide. A guy on the XS forums (fareastgq) posted them over to me, after testing they were capable of their standard ratings.
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I seem to be stuck.
Resorted to 310HTT with 5/6 divider for now, I really want ~315HTT (if I can stretch my CPU once I get the BT on) with 9/10 divider.

3000+ Venice stock cooler @ 1.475+113% @ 9x310HTT
DFI NF4 SLI-D 704-2BT bios
6800GT latest official dets
2x 1gb crucial ballistix
stacks of hdds
WinXP Pro SP2
not sure what NF chipset drivers

2x 1GB crucial ballistix Z503

VID = 1.475
VID Special = +113%
chipset = 1.6v
LDT = 1.4v
LDT auto

CPC = Enabled
CAS Latency(CL) = 3
RAS to CAS(Trcd) = 3
Min RAS# Active time(Tras) = 8
Row Precharge Time(Trp) = 3
Row Cycle Time(Trc) = 7
Row Refresh Cycle Time(Trfc) = 14
Row to Row Delay(Trrd) = 2
Write Recovery Time(Twr) = 3
Write to Read Delay(Twtr) = 1
Read to Write Delay(Trwt) = 4
Refresh Period (Tref) = 166MHz 3.9us (cant remember BIOS setting)
Write CAS Latency(Twcl) = 1
DRAM Bank Interleave = Enabled
Skew = off
Skew Value = 0
DRAM Drive Strength = Level 8
DRAM Data Drive Strength = Level 2
DDRAM Response Time = Fastest -------------- should I set this to fastest? I've not noticed any difference between settings.
Max Async Latency = 8ns
Read Preamble Time = 6.5ns
Idle Cycle Limit = 16
Dynamic Counter = Disabled --------------- is this setting relevant?
R/W Queue Bypass = 8x
Bypass Max = 4x
32 byte Granularity = Disable(8burst)

I just dont know what to change.
At the moment, I'm thinking the BIOS. Looking to flash to 623 I think people are using to get the extra I need
Any other ideas?

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Hi guys,

Just receive dmy Ballistics. Can run it at 3-3-3-8 @ 275 but dunno if its stable. Where could I get a template for Asus SLI Premium and this ram.

Will appreciate the help.

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Just flashed to 623-3, and everything seems farked. Will verify this sometime later today, but I cant OC for **** (I also changed some timing and will revert them soon).
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