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How to run Team 2x1gig 500MHZ @ stock on 185 Opteron & DFI NF$ SLI-D - - different look at memory


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How to run Team 2x1gig 500MHZ @ stock on 185 Opteron & DFI NF$ SLI-D

Hello to everyone.

I have 2 x 1 Gig of Team DDR 500 TXDR2048M500H-C3DC-S RAM, trying to run them with a 185 Opteron LCBBE-0628CPMW on a DFI LP NF4-SLI-D mobo.

I am happy with the Opty running at stock 2.6 speed but I, for the life of my cat, cannot figure out how to run the RAM @ DDR500.

Also, when I try and 'probe' in memtest (1.6 on the DFI board) the ram comes up with errors. If I leave some of it 'reserved' in Memtest then it will pass for hours.

What is going on?

Firstly, I know I shoud be 'edjumakating' myself more so I understand how to OC properly and not just asking everyone for a quick fix without understanding the 'why', and that includes all the stuff here on i4memory. I have also been over to the DFI forum but it is down right now and keeps 'asking me to pay my account' (WTF!!??). I have a thread going over that but I cannot access the bl**dy website to see what is going on.

I think the memory is fine. I think the Opty is fine. I 'assume' the DFI is fine. I just cant figure out the settings to make it work properly.

I have:

185 Opty (stepping previously mentioned)
2x1gig Team 3-4-3-8 DDR 500
400 watt PSU (with all headers hooked up - all 4 of them)
6200 Turbocache GFX card.
Lots of fans.

This is a bench mobo and I intend to install it running Fedora 9 as a media pc.

I will have it installed in an Silverstone LC 1 something something media pc case
Have 2x 500 gig Seagates with Fedora 9 already installed just waiting to plug back in.
Will have my 3Ware 9650SE-4LPML running above mentioned HD's in 2 x raid 0 array when I scavenge a 650 watt PSU from my wifes puter.

I get into trouble when I sit at my puter trying to figure this stuff out which is why I have yet to 'edjumakat' myself properly about these settings.

I just want to be able to run my DD500 @ DDR500.

Please help.

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Hi there and welcome... been too long since i even touched a DFI NF4 board but you might start with some reading/searching on the forums as there's alot of info pertaining to that board

Useful links
Memtest usage guide

Use search at for

thread starter = eva2000
title search
keyword = DFI NF4 SLI*

= lots of reading

Some of the search results which are memory related

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If you are happy to run your Opteron 185 at 2600MHz, there are a couple of ways to get close to DDR500 (250MHz) but you will never get 2600MHz and 250MHz.

[CPU multi x HT Freq] = CPU Freq x Memory Divider*= Mem Freq. (DDR)

*Memory Divider = CPU multi / Memory Ratio; DDR400 = 1.0, DDR333 = 1.2, DDR266 = 1.5, DD200 = 2.0, DDR500 = 0.8. There are others and DFI labels the ratios as fractions which I think are a throwback to previous architectures. The result you get must be an integer and to prevent inadvertantly overclocking the memory the number is rounded to the next highest integer. Actually I think that the CPU just has a lookup table for the valid integers it can use for memory dividers - no matter, the maths work just the same.

1. Anyway, you wont get it with the standard multiplier:

13 x 200 = 2600 / 13 = 200MHz

Your particular BIOS may not have any Memory dividers above DDR400 available; do a search for change logs for LP UT NF4 SLI-D BIOS, there is athread on Techpowerup that has some good info. I think maybe that the 704 bta modded BIOS has the higher Memory ratios.

2. With the DDR500 divider (13 x 0.8 = 11) you still wont get it with the standard multiplier:

13 x 200 = 2600 / 11 = 236.4MHz

3. You can get 260MHz for the memory though. You need to set the CPU multi to 12.5 and using the DDR500 divider you get 12.5 x 0.8 = 10 and raise the HTT to 208MHz (4% overclock):

12.5 x 208 = 2600 / 10 = 260MHz

4. If you don't have the right BIOS with the higher dividers and don't want to flash then you'll need to explore a bit of an overclock of the HT Freq:

11 x 250 = 2750 / 11 = 250MHz (HTT should be alright at 5 x 250 = 1250MHz; if not drop the Multi down to 4x)

Check out my handy dandy spreadsheet for calculating the numbers: A64 Mem Frequency vs Multi.xls it has the standard dividers from DDR400 and lower.

Hope this gets you started.

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