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[] AMD Releases OEM Desktop & Mobile Radeon RX 500X SKUs: The Radeon Rebadge Returns (Updated)

Tucked inside today's HP’s announcement of their new Pavilion gaming systems is an interesting item: a mobile Radeon RX 560X graphics option. This is in fact not a typo on our part or on HP's part; rather AMD is launching a series of new and yet surprisingly familiar video card SKUs for their OEMs. That's right, we've reached that time of the year once again: the semi-annual OEM GPU rebadges have returned.

To that end, AMD today is announcing a series of new OEM-only SKUs for desktop and mobile, which we're unofficially dubbing the Radeon RX 500X series; officially, AMD is categorizing these products under the Radeon 500 series family, with two product lines: "Radeon RX 500X Series" and "Radeon 500X Series". These new SKUs are not available as retail add-in boards, instead the RX 500X series is the latest in the roughly annual GPU rebadging cycle that both GPU manufacturers participate in for PC OEMs.

As this tends happen every couple of years or so, regular readers may recall the OEM desktop Radeon 300 or HD 8000 series. But if this your first OEM rebadge cycle the summary is this: with the shorter product cycles of OEM systems versus retail channel video cards, OEMs want to advertise the latest components when they refresh and update their systems, even when new GPUs are not available. To which NVIDIA and AMD rebrand, refresh, or otherwise re-designate existing SKUs as OEM-exclusive parts.

In the case of this latest rebadge cycle, this comes on the heels of Intel's recent 8th Gen Core CPU launch, which saw AMD's rival launch a number of new CPU SKUs for desktop and mobile. And while there's a certain degree of sheer oddity to an Intel update triggering an AMD rebadge, at the end of the day OEM product cycles are primarily tied to Intel's CPU cycles. So now that OEMs have new Intel CPUs to put in their machines, they want to throw in "new" video cards to match.

As far as naming conventions go, AMD has been ambiguous thus far in whether these new SKUs are going to be treated as a wholly new series, as these are new SKUs in the existing RX 500 series. With the product pages posted after the announcement, it appears that these SKUs are falling under the same product family umbrella as the OEM Radeon 500 series. But regardless of what AMD does, as there are multiple new SKUs across the RX 500 lineup, it's convenient for us refer to them together as a single block of parts.

Adding an extra wrinkle to all of this is the fact that word of the Radeon RX 500X series got out ahead of today's announcement, so there's been a lot of people (ourselves included) wondering just what was going on. As the RX 500X series was first outed through the AMD website source code, some confusion arose about a potential retail AIB refresh, but to clarify again, the RX 500X series is an OEM-exclusive stack. Which, unfortunately doesn't mean that you won't see the new SKUs listed elsewhere; since the launch of the RX 500 series last year, AMD hasn't been maintaining a separate OEM section, so the OEM Radeon 500 series have been appearing in AMD's main graphics section.

But that's enough about the presentation. Let's get to the meat of the matter: technical specifications. While we have not seen the official specifications ahead of today's announcement, in a call with AMD we have been told that the new parts have the same nominal specifications as the old parts. That means that there have been no clockspeed adjustments or other adjustments that will cause the new OEM parts to perform differently than the existing AIB parts; it's exactly the same hardware as before.

In practice, OEMs already alter the specifications of some of their video cards by turning down clockspeeds for power efficiency reasons - especially in laptops - so expect to see the same thing here. Instead, AMD's specifications represent the highest frequencies these new parts will be clocked at, just like in past generations. Which for the AnandTech reader, means that deciphering the RX 500X specifications is very straightforward: the X doesn't change a thing.

AMD OEM Desktop & Mobile Radeon RX 500X Series Radeon
RX 580X Radeon
RX 570X Radeon
RX 560X Radeon
RX 550X Radeon
RX 540X Radeon
550X Radeon
540X Base Model Radeon RX 580 Radeon RX 570 Radeon RX 560 Radeon RX 550 Radeon RX 540 Radeon RX 550 Radeon 540 Stream Processors 2304
(36 CUs) 2048
(32 CUs) 1024
(16 CUs) 896
(14 CUs) 640
(10 CUs) 512
(8 CUs) 512
(8 CUs) 640
(10 CUs) 512
(8 CUs) 512
(8 CUs) Texture Units 144 128 64 56 40 32 32 40 32 32 ROPs 32 32 16 16 16 16 8 Boost Clock (up to)
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