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Asus A8N-SLI Premium - - different look at memory


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Question Asus A8N-SLI Premium

Just picked up this board along with a 7800GTX.

Does anyone own this m/b that could help me with the bios settings/bios rev (TCCDs)/mem settings (OCZ 4200 Plats)

Ive also noticed that max vcore is 1.55 (bios 107). Im pretty sure that i saw that it can go up to 1.65, though i dont know what bios revision that is?
The board seems to be quite good, but this is the first time im playing with PCI-E board so im not sure what the best setting i should use?

Any help will be greatly appreciated
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Cannot seem to run this board with setting to 1T command!
I straight away get a Blue Screen, i cant even get to WinXp

I know its not the ram as i used it in my previous board, board seems to be working fine in 2T.
Ive read in few forums that the Deluxe version had this problem BUT the PREMIUM has fixed the problem. Clearly doesnt seem this way!

Should i RMA the board?
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Search forums i think certain bios fixes that not sure
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Sweet board with a POS bios.

The 1.65vcore will only happen if your chip is a 1.5v native vcored chip, which I dont think AMD have anymore. The most voltage you will be able to select is +.15~ of the CPU's native voltage.

I tried flashing my bios to just about everyone I could find for it and no luck on greater than 1.456vcore could I get. I Even stuck my Winnie in it so it would register a 1.4vcore to get me 1.556vcore but no go, as soon as I swapped my X2 back in it just reverts back to faarked voltage levels again.

Its a damn shame as they are sweet boards bandwidth wise and run smooth as, nicer than the DFI's but just not really made to get the most out of a decent overclockable CPU.

xtreme thread for TCCD settings, these being for DFI though I used what timings I could for the A8N-SLi.................

my most stable overclocked timings at 1t command rate. anymore than that would bork BIOS loading and reset. With 4 x 512mb sticks had to relax to 2t and 3-4-4-8 and couldnt get hem to do more than 230 or so

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Problem found!

At the end of the day it wasnt the board that was playing up, it was the Memory ( OCZ 4200 Plats ). As i assumed and was told its my Neo2 that died on me, rather waiting the RMA process i decided it was time to upgarde to PCI-E, only descovering that i still have the same problem.
Anyways after few tests and the right resources it was the ram!

I dont have any good modules to really test the board out but my local store was nice enough to lend me some Geil ram 2x512 to use for the time being. I didnt have any problems installing XP in 1T, i have been using the pc for the past 5 hours now set to 1T and dont have any problems. With the OCZ memory i couldnt even install XP by having it set to 1T.

So now i have to RMA the OCZ ram.

Apart from that the board is great, so is the VGA (7800GTX)
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