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Tomorrow is's 5th birthday! was born out of my need to document my overclocking adventures and to share my findings and results with other folks. Five years later and thanks for contributions by all forum members, continues to growth. So thanks for all members and supporters. Thanks also goes out to manufacturers who have provided support, Asus, DFI, Gigabyte, Corsair, OCZ, and G.Skill

New front end page:
October, 2008 - saw's front page transform from plain forum index page to the new front end located at Further improvements to the front end design and functionality are planned, so keep an eye out for the changes Team: Team which was formed on April 20, 2006 [team page], continues to hang in there in the top 10 overclocking teams in the world. Thanks to all team members for all your hard work

Team.AU - Team Australia:
Team.AU ( - Team Australia was officially formed on October 20, 2007 and formed from members who are forum members. The official site recently underwent a new site design overhaul and can be viewed at While some original members have left the team, new blood has recently joined the team. Please welcome Peter Cave (bob(nz)) to the Team Australia team. Profiles can be seen here. Current Team.AU members include:

Happy 5th Birthday!
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Happy 5th bday i4memory. this forum is the resourse I use when I want to know anything amount ram/ timings etc, whats good and whats not so great job guys keep up the good work!!
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Happy B'day mate, i4memory is a great resource!
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Happy 5th birthday i4!

Thanks should also go out to Eva for creating and maintaining this place.
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thank you and thank you to all the guys out there for all the help you deliver when someone got problems and for all the interesting stuff you can learn reading this awesome forum

Italy loves you

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Happy Birthday i4memory!

Here's to another 5 years and more
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Happy Bday, i4memory.
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Happy Birthday!
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5th, anniversary, i4memorycom

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