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ASUS P6T SE OCZ3X1600 3x2Gb bios settings - - different look at memory


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ASUS P6T SE OCZ3X1600 3x2Gb bios settings

Hello, i have the segunt problem; I cant get my 3x2GB OCZ3X1600R2LV2G ram stable. I searched a lot and foun out that P6T-SE has known issues with OCZ3X1600R2LV2G, and many found solutions in placing the Ram modules in A1,B1,A2 slots. This same combination is working for me, but at Cpuz 534,5 Mhz timings 7-7-7-20-59-2t. I ran it in intel burn at Extreme settings and it run stable, but on Mem test on 30 min posted more than 100 Erors withou crash. I tested also eanch ram in each slot sepaetly and combined and the only combination for now is as listed above. If I set in A1,B1,C1 as sugessted by manufactorer the system crashes in Intel Very high test. So i am asking how should i set my ram combinatios slots and timings, with right bios configuration to run most eficently and stable? Also can anyone direct me to a deacend overclock guide for my i7 920, its colled by a Ninja 3 cooler so the temps barely reach 50C in max overload?

The last working combinations are getting the system more stable, with 1066mhz-A1B1C1-9-9-9-24-2N-110 manual,auto multiplier,spread disabled, dram bus 1.64V. I am curently trying to set the right tFAW. I tried to set it as much simmilar as the settings in manual:
, but still on this config Prime 95 20min test reported 1 problem in 1 of 8 threads. Nay ideas how should i try to improve it on and get it completly stable? What voltage settings would be best QPI/DRAM, DRAM bus,...? I cant post in the thread anymore, so if i am starting a new one on a same problem please redirect me. Thanks for all the answers.
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