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3D11 tweaks? - - different look at memory


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3D11 tweaks?

Guys, what have you found that may help improve your scores? I have seen mention of ram timings but it seems you need high clocks and tight timings to help, reducing your mem clock to get tighter timings doesnt seem to do much (for me anyway). Some rigs seem to score much better than others even though hardware is of similar or lesser spec, it would be really good to now why. I tried everything with my 2600K to get past the 7000 mark, thats at near 5400 and gpu at 990 (but my vid mem doesnt clock too well), so after my 2600K died I tried a 930 and pushing it at a barely stable 4400 with rams my gene didnt like I got 7513. Now I have a 970 coming, along with newbies water cooled E760 and some ViperII rams to see if I can nudge it a bit higher.

There is the obvious tessellation issue with AMD cards but what about nvidia? Can LOD tweaks be implemented through AB (since its a reskinned Rivatuner right)?

What do you guys think? How did you optimise your scores? Im know you guys will keep your best secrets to yourselves but Im not going to threaten any records etc I just want to get the highest single GPU score I can.

Any help would be great.

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From my experience, RAM speed makes improvement, but UnCore clock makes more.
Also VRAM speed increases result. IMO it's cause 3DMark11 (and Heaven bench) uses 99.9% GPU power with eye-candy stuff like Tessellation and needs large textures fast.

Those are obvious things, now less obvious stuff:
Disable HPET if you can, if not - try disabling all eco stuff to decrease DPC latency. Check this thread: Analyze This!@i4 and Analyze This!@XS. I'm pointing you to both threads cause of different opinions and ideas.
Try increasing PCI-E frequency as high as possible, or should I say to the point of SSD/HDD data corruption.

And now, LOD and other so called cheats... Well, I don't use them but AFAIK they are not applicable to new benchmarks.
No, really, I don't. It's like cheating oneself and it's noticeable more then people think.

Example: Heaven DX11 brings you points on HWbot, but is it so prone to cheating, it's unbelievable.

Check this out:

Yep, it would bring me much points and it was WR when it was done (January 10, ‎2011), but of course I didn't used it. I informed Massman of potential flaws and got a reply that version 1.0.4 of HWbot Heaven bench will fix it.
Four months later there is no version 1.0.4 yet.

I strayed much off topic here, so I'll shut up now.
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Thanks for the great info Don, its greatly appreciated. Ot stuff is good too.

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