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Asus X58 + 6/12GB memory overclocking - detecting less memory than installed - Page 21 - - different look at memory


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Hello there guys. I had never had any issues with memory, but yesterday i replaced my wb and now i only see 8GB, i made a tinsy scratch on the back on the mobo, here is a pic Its so tiny, can it be of fault? It appears that my 3-4 slots are faulty and don't boot with one module. But CPUz and Aida both show all my sticks. With information about brand etc. I have tried removing the CPU and using a thermalright archon. Still 8gb. Also losing up screws didn't work. The waterblock has plastic washers too.
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Can this issue cause windows to blue screen on boot or am I dealing with 2 different issues right now??
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By machistmo View Post
Noctua LGA 1366 Cooling system.

... I was having issue #9 in your list, the CPU cooler assembly shorting into the board. I literally went to home depot and bought some neoprene washers for .77 cents and this resolved it.

The backplate of the Noctua cooler did not have any washers or anything else included in the kit and was therefore shorting into the motherboard. That backplate is a plate of metal with four posts or shafts rising out of each corner. I put the washers on the shafts such that they prevented contact between the plate and the board...
Sorry to bring up an old thread but after some time this issue has reoccurred. I have exactly the same problem as machistmo. After applying the washer fix I think the pressure of the heatsink is pushing the washers back onto the plate and therefore allowing the plate to make contact with the motherboard which starts shorting again.

At this point I'm thinking of going with a Zalman heatsink.

Is the Zalman CNPS9900MAX a safe bet when it comes to making contact with the board?

Has anybody tried the Zalman CNPS10X ?

Thanx for any help?
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