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[review] DDR2 Memory Investigation @ - - different look at memory


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Talking [review] DDR2 Memory Investigation @


Memory is one of the hottest growing components on the overclockers list of most important requirements. A good CPU is one thing and cooling is another but if your memory can’t handle the pace, then you’re simply throwing money away.

DDR-2 has now started its mass run on the Intel market, with rumours that AMD will start looking at DDR-2 on the Athlon 64 sometime in the near future - but one thing remains… how good is it? We have seen in the past that DDR memory running at lower latencies can do a better job then memory running at higher clock speeds with higher latencies. Though this is the general rule for the AMD Athlon XP and Athlon 64 CPU, due to a much more ridged memory controller (especially on the Athlon 64 with the on CPU memory controller), this isn’t as much the case when it comes to the Intel camp. Intel Pentium 4 with its longer pipeline tends to respond better to higher bandwidth than lower latencies, at least this proved true 90% of the time with DDR.

As we mentioned earlier, DDR-2 is a different story, as some of the key developments have changed, and thus changed the overall bandwidth and latencies of the memory and how does this affect the memory performance of the Pentium 4 based DDR-2 systems? Today we hope to answer this

Today we are putting OCZ’s DDR-2 memory onto one of the best overclocking boards available today, the Intel 925XE ASUS P5AD2-E Premium to see just how far DDR-2 can go and what the overall performance pluses and minuses are of the different configurations such as clock speed vs. latency, running memory 1:1 and not and so on.

If you’re interested about how to setup your new DDR-2 based system properly when it comes to memory, read on and we’ll show you as proved by a bunch of benchmark comparisons.
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They should have done the testing with the best of DDR2 memory, which even back in April was/is the Corsair Twin2X1024A-5400UL sticks. This is the stuff some guy from Legit Reviews set a world record for with DDR2 Ram Bandwidth, but he was using the 955X chipset mobo.
There's a user called "The Stilt" on XtremeSystems forums who's doing the same thing with this memory and 955X mobo, he posted screenies of DDR2 @ 860mhz 4-2-2-2
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i don't think 5400UL was around in April ?
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I was up for some UL recently and was about to order, then the next day and bought something else and no longer had money for it..
I still have my 2x256 XMS Bh-5, that will go in my next AMD rig, most likely an A64x2 when prices drop a little.
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Any fool can make anything look good with bar graphs and limited comparisons, tools

Wheres the DDR1 @ 600MHz, I just wasted 5 mins reading that drivel

Oh and some benchies with the 945/955 and the latest DDR2 would have at least been a little more informative, not everyone lives in the past, again, tools

edit-again hehe: what it all boils down to is most peeps who have been using DDR2 up until now have paid more for less in real terms , I love some early adopters

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