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Cool [news] DFI Product Rollout & Interview @

DFI Product Rollout and Interview at CES 2005

Posted by: WxChaser

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I met with Vivian Lien from DFI on January 6, 2005 - talking about some new products in the DFI lineup at CES 2005.
The first new motherboard we looked at was the LanParty UT NF3 Ultra-D socket 939 board. This motherboard was something that has been readied by DFI for a while, but was put on the back burner, because of the debate over usage of AGP, or moving on to PCI Express. The Lanparty UT NF3 Ultra-D socket 939 board is planned to launch in the February to March 2005 time frame. This board was delayed in production, due to DFI's work on the new NF4 motherboard platforms.

It will be a LanParty UT type of package, and this particular motherboard we're looking at today is just an engineering sample (non characteristic PCB color).This board has a lot of the characteristics of the LanParty UT nF3 250GB motherboard - just a different platform and different chipset, supporting slightly different standards.

From the Intel side of things, DFI has the 855GME-MGF Pro motherboard, operating on the Socket 479 platform. This is the 2nd revision of the 855GME-MGF Pro board, including mounting holes for the heatsink. Actually DFI made some changes to the hardware design, based on feedback from customers telling DFI what they would like to see, including adding mounting holes for the P4 heatsink, which is the number one change that DFI made. The other thing we did was changes to the hardware design,to support a lot more of the overclocking features people were asking for, especially the memory overclocking aspects. There is a jumper on the board, R207, that will allow more Vdimm voltage. This board is being targeted as a performance alternative, for people who want power. The Vcore voltage on this Dothan board will support a much wider range and that is an improvement.

Next board up in the lineup was the DFI 925XE-T2 which utilizes the Intel LGA 775 socket. This board was not launched earlier, due to DFI's concern over availability of CPU's. Obviously only the Extreme Edition is available at the moment. The higher front side bus available on this board definitely makes a difference, and this chipset on this platform seems to be much more overclockable than the 925X. Vivian and I discussed the popularity of the LGA 775 processors, and brought up the possibility of lesser availability of the socket 478 processors, possibly creating more interest in the LGA775 chips. We also discussed making the thermal efficiencies of the processor more viable. There has not been many boards returned due to any socket problems with pins, and DFI has not seen many RMA's from this perceived problem. DFI sees a lot of value in this platform, but the perception by people is that this board is not really mainstream, or not what the processor was designed to do - but this board would be good for people looking for performance in a quiet home theater PC that doesn't produce a lot of heat, and there is no better solution than this.
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