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Re: E6600 L709A958 @567+ FSB + Asus Commando

Today is my new personal best clock/super pi times day

Personal best for me for:
  • highest raw cpu clock cpuz validation
  • highest FSB achieved cpuz validation
  • fastest super pi 2M, 4M, 8M, 16M, 32M times to date and 2nd fastest super pi 1M to date
  • First time under 11min barrier for super pi 32M

  • E6600 B2 retail L709A958 VID = 1.35v
  • Kayl Black FrozenSS 1/4HP
  • Asus Commando 1404 bios flashed from 1001 bios
  • 128MB Gainward FX5200 PCI
  • 2x1GB Team 6400C3 Micron D9GMH cooled by 3x 60x25mm Sunon 23.5cfm Maglev fans
  • 160GB Seagate 7200.7 SATA
  • Pioneer DVR-08 Burner
  • Sony FDD
  • 620W Corsair HX620 Modular PSU
  • WinXP Pro SP2

Bios settings:
  • Vcore = 1.775v (overvolts to 1.816v windows)
  • vFSB = 1.45v
  • NB = 1.775v
  • vDIMM = 2.50v
  • SB = 1.7v
  • SB Chipset = 1.225v

Windows Settings:
  • Pagefile = 768MB
  • /numproc = 1
  • Super Pi realtime priority
  • Explorer.exe set to low priority

CPUZ Validation @8x580FSB

Max 1M @8x573.3FSB

Max Hexus Pifast @8x570FSB

Max 2M through to 32M






  • Evap idle = -40.4C
  • Evap load = -34.0C
  • Windows PC Probe2 Idle = -31C
  • Windows PC Probe2 Load = -3C

I'd like to thank
  • Mr_Sparkle on OCAU for the 2nd hand E6600 L709A958 such a nice FSB capable cpu
  • Kayl for building Kayl Black FrozenSS 1/4HP unit
  • Asus for supplying the Asus Commando
  • Corsair for supplying the 620W HX620 Psu

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