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Woooaooow Guys just wooaow , Now we have unlimitted voltages with software on most of the top cards out there ,( For Nvidia Cards ,260 ,280 ,295 - For ATI Cards 4870x2 , 4870 and 4850 ) -Me thinks we should all try it this software mods and rerun all 3D Benchies. Definitely this should help us get back on our feet again. I have plan a long session of benching non stop
next week when i go LN2 for the first time , please join me next week and have a big bench party with
as many points as we can gain , Team Work its the key to regain # 8 Spot again my friends , i believe in all of you that we can make it happen together. So starting monday next week please bench hard for i4memory , bench anything you have even the toaster ok . Lets give this a try and we shall see great results bench i4 bench bench bench...................
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