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Target CPU Frequency		3996MHz
Target DRAM Frequency		1776MHz

LN2 Mode:			Disabled***
QPI Loadline Calibration:	Enabled***

Sync Mode			[Enabled]
AI Overclock Tuner		[Manual]
OC From CPU level Up		[Auto]
CPU Ratio Setting		[18.0]
CPU Turbo Power Limit		[Disabled]

>CPU Configuration----------------------------
CPU Ratio Setting		[18.0]
C1E Support			[Disable]
Hardware Prefetcher		[Enabled]
Adjacent Cache Line Prefetcher	[Enabled]
Intel(R) Virtualiyation Tech	[Enabled]
CPU TM Function			[Disabled]
Execute Disable Bit		[Enabled]
Intel(R) HT Technology		[Enabled]
Active Processor Cores		[All]
A20M				[Disabled]
Intel(R) SpeedStep(TM) Tech	[Disable]]
Intel(R) C-STATE Tech		[Disable]]
C State package limit setting	[Auto]

BCLK Frequency			[222]
PCIE Frequency			[103,4,5,6,7,8,+]
DRAM Frequency			[1776]
UCLK Frequency			[3552]
QPI Link Data Rate		[Slow Mode]

Memory Configuration Protect	[Disabled]

>DRAM Timing Control--------------------------
CAS# Latency		      6	[7]
RAS# to CAS# Delay	      7	[8]
RAS# PRE Time		      6	[7]
RAS# ACT Time		     18	[21]
RAS# to RAS# Delay	      4	[Auto]
REF Cycle Time		     72	[Auto]
WRITE Recovery Time	     12	[Auto]
READ to PRE Time	      6	[Auto]
FOUR ACT WIN Time	     24	[Auto]
Back-To-BackCAS# Delay	      0	[Auto]

Timing Mode		     1N	[1N]
Round Trip Latency on CHA    60	[Auto]
Round Trip Latency on CHB    62	[Auto]
Round Trip Latency on CHC    64	[Auto]

WRITE To READ Delay(DD)	      8	[Auto]
WRITE To READ Delay(DR)	      8	[Auto]
WRITE To READ Delay(SR)	     18	[Auto]
READ To WRITE Delay(DD)	      7	[Auto]
READ To WRITE Delay(DR)	      7	[Auto]
READ To WRITE Delay(SR)	      7	[Auto]
READ To READ Delay(DD)	      7	[Auto]
READ To READ Delay(DR)	      6	[Auto]
READ To READ Delay(SR)	      4	[Auto]
WRITE To WRITE Delay(DD)      8	[Auto]
WRITE To WRITE Delay(DR)      8	[Auto]
WRITE To WRITE Delay(SR)     18	[Auto]

CPU Differential Amplitude	[1000]
CPU Clock Skew			[Auto]
IOH Clock Skew			[Auto]
------------ Extreme Engine Digi+ ------------
Digi+ PWR Mode			[X-Power]
PWR Volt. Control		[10V]
Load-Line Calibration		[Full]
CPU Voltege OCP			[Enabled]
CPU PWM Frequency		[1000kHz]

Extreme OV			[Disabled]
Extreme OC			[Auto]

CPU Voltage		1.2000	[1.2000]
CPU PLL Voltage 	1.812	[Auto]
QPI/DRAM Core Voltage	1.3500	[1.3500]
DRAM Bus Voltage	1.654	[1.6540]

>DRAM REF Voltages----------------------------
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA	[Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA	[Auto]
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB	[Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB	[Auto]
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHC	[Auto]
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC	[Auto]

IOH Voltage		1.244	[Auto]
IOH PCIE Voltage	1.508	[Auto]

ICH Voltage		1.111	[Auto]
ICH PCIE Voltage		[Auto]

---------- Spread Spectrum Control -----------
CPU Spread Spectrum		[Disabled]
DRAM Spread Spectrum		[Disabled]

***on-board jumper dependant

Don is my profile for post and led cpu and ram red
I changed your profile, so you can try. Red is a must for quickly going over 222 BCLK, and Blue is to play with if you want to try QPI over 8000.
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