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Re: Dice's P5K-Deluxe

By Jammer View Post
So I guess you're a happy P5K Dlx user? I'm thinking of getting one myself soonish.
Definitely, lovely board to overclock - I totally didn't expect this from Asus. (I never had a P5B).

By graham_h View Post
Mine should be here tomorrow
Fingers crossed for a Rev2
You will enjoy it

By sTARk View Post
P5K Deluxe seems like an awesome board I must say. Seems to have the RAM performance of 680i with alot of diff ratios but no SLI.
I was after a board that can handle high RAM clocks and high FSB. This can do both and turned out to be a well built board with plenty of appropriate BIOS options. There are only a few things that are lacking compared to the DFI's I've used in the past (AMD based) e.g. Fan speed settings in BIOS and in the windows utility. But in their defence the Asus board has some things the DFI's don't, e.g. 5 fan headers on the board Nice heatpipe that surprisingly doesn't interfere with my massive Scythe Ninja heatsink.

I could crap on all day/night about it, but overall I am very impressed and it's been smooth sailing so far. (except for the fact it can't overclock 133FSB rated CPU's)
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